Warhammer 3rd Edition Slann Eagle Warrior

Slann, Warhammer Fantasy

Warhammer Fantasy Battle 3rd Edition Slann Eagle Warrior

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These guys were +3 shock elites in 3rd ed.  These were the go-to guys for a Slann army where you could expect to find the general, army standard bearer.  Talk about having all your eggs in one basket (boom boom!).  Ahh but sure that was the stlye of the game in them days.




2 thoughts on “Warhammer 3rd Edition Slann Eagle Warrior

  1. Nice to see you posting here again and I like the revised look.

    Its the 40K Slann that I am keeping an eye out for of course, fantasy schmantasy 😉

    1. Aztec Daemon Frogs from Space…not your run of the mill fantasy. The more 40k versions will naturally be making an appearance also but require much more thought and conversion to make them work. Pity they stopped making frog based models as painting frogs as you can paint their skin pretty much however you want and get away with it, try making pink Orcs in Lord of the Rings stuff for example…

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