Warhamster! Well that is what I would have called it….


Warmaster games table is set up fairly randomly with most of my suitable terrain for this scale…

The same tired old threadbare bits of scenery…..with a new tablecloth!

My pink squishy humie Empire boyz are on the left with MTs freshly laundered looking Elves on the right.  Set up consists of us just lashing down an equivalent number of models in brigades as we just wanted to try out the rules.

Seeing as this is my blog it would be fitting of me to take the opportunity to announce that MT was particularly “tired & emotional” for this session.


Those Silver Helmets must be a bit too tight as confusion reigns.

Note the rather optimistic positioning of the General.  Lucky that he coward away from the enemy in Warmaster with ease.

The Empire troops cautiously approach the “Hand of Mark”.

Very sporting of MT to be in range of the gun show.

Birds eye view.

“Waaaaagh!!!!…erm, I mean CHARGE!!!!”.

Kick, turn, turn, kick, step, turn, kick…..and can we have the dancing Sigmars on the left and the singing Sigmars on the right.

I am pretty sure I was doing some cool Warmastering to MTs face at this point….


……but had managed to bollocks is up by this point, as MTs Elves are still breathing.

And I’m spent.