Warhamster! Well that is what I would have called it….


Warmaster games table is set up fairly randomly with most of my suitable terrain for this scale…

The same tired old threadbare bits of scenery…..with a new tablecloth!

My pink squishy humie Empire boyz are on the left with MTs freshly laundered looking Elves on the right.  Set up consists of us just lashing down an equivalent number of models in brigades as we just wanted to try out the rules.

Seeing as this is my blog it would be fitting of me to take the opportunity to announce that MT was particularly “tired & emotional” for this session.


Those Silver Helmets must be a bit too tight as confusion reigns.

Note the rather optimistic positioning of the General.  Lucky that he coward away from the enemy in Warmaster with ease.

The Empire troops cautiously approach the “Hand of Mark”.

Very sporting of MT to be in range of the gun show.

Birds eye view.

“Waaaaagh!!!!…erm, I mean CHARGE!!!!”.

Kick, turn, turn, kick, step, turn, kick…..and can we have the dancing Sigmars on the left and the singing Sigmars on the right.

I am pretty sure I was doing some cool Warmastering to MTs face at this point….


……but had managed to bollocks is up by this point, as MTs Elves are still breathing.

And I’m spent.

3 thoughts on “Warhamster! Well that is what I would have called it….

  1. How long did the game take Otto? Are the game details a bit clearer now?

    I have been assembling my 10mm orcs this week. I hope to get enough together for a game soon. We need to get scheduling.

  2. Game took a little over 2 hours for 500 odd points. I would expect us to be able to play 1000 pts in under 3 hours once we don’t run into too much grey area rules wise. Hope your 40K weekend was satisfying enough, I am sure I will read about it soon enough. I had a productive weekend and managed to assemble the bits I need to represent a beach – 8 x 12″ sections of beach and some generic looking fishing village huts. I plan to paint up the Citadel jungle trees to add to this to create a Lustrian jungle coastline terrain collection. Keep watching this space….

    1. That sounds like a long play time for that size force. Hopefully it get pared down a bit with experience.
      A beach to cover the edge of that Dreadfleet ocean should look great. I have the plastic hill that was supplied with Battle of Five Armies and I have decided that I wont be using it. It could look cool painted up to look like the end of a beach. You are welcome to it if you want it.
      I was looking at some of the 40K jungle trees being used for 10mm oases for a Tomb King army. They looked great.
      This all sounds very promising Otto, keep it up.

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