99 Problems But the Beach Ain’t One

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Work in progress on beach terrain to represent the coast of Lustria for example.  Doubles as a big ass river.  Note the use of the awesome Dreadfleet tablecloth.  It photos real pretty methinks.


3 thoughts on “99 Problems But the Beach Ain’t One

  1. Looks pretty good so far. The sand is a bit mustardy looking for my tastes, but I presume that you will be drybrushing it with a paler tone or something.

    I cant really tell how big those hut things are, they look massive. Plonk a 10mm fig or two down for comparison next time please 🙂

  2. Cheers Sho3box.

    The beach is not fully complete requiring the minimum of drybrushing and application of some static grass.

    The huts are actually 28mm. I wanted some generic Ork/Human/Slann primitive dwellings. Should be easy and fun to put in some fishing village details. I have played so much Oblivion in the last year I have loads of ideas for small fantasy details burned into my creative processes so that should be a sinch. A few skinning racks, weapons and fish drying on wodden frames will finish it nicely without comitting to one race or another.

    Next time I will include a figure as you suggest.

    1. Coastal settings have an appeal all of their own for gaming but I have never got around to making one myself. Keeping it suitable for multiple scales is a good idea too.

      Im looking forward to a Lustrian game soon. I am also looking forward to an update on on how Kings of War works out at 10mm.

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