WIP: 10mm Fantasy Frog Man Warrior

Frog Men, Sculpting

2 thoughts on “WIP: 10mm Fantasy Frog Man Warrior

  1. That looks brilliant, impressive work.

    If you get casting those then I would happily buy enough Otto Von Bismark originals to make up a unit, if you felt that way inclined.

    Are you going to make any variants (command or what have you), or would that simply be too much hassle?

    Seriously good stuff though 🙂

  2. Thanks for the positive feedback. That model is really an unfinished prototype that I have done to figure out what mistakes I should avoid in future sculpts. Rather than spend ages getting it perfect I have cast it up to get a ballpark idea of what the finished product will roughly look like. Quick iterations rather than agonizing over a single model seems to be the way to go – preferably with a couple on the go at once. I imagine that I could do a number of variants handily enough. I will post up more images of the proto-casting stuff now.

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