WIP: Prototype Painted 10mm Fantasy Aztec Frogman Eagle Warrior

10mm, Fantasy, Frog Men, Sculpting

Pictures of painted lead castings from the Eagle Warrior proto-sculpt.  The idea here is to give me a better appreciation of the work done on sculpt.  Mistakes are gonna be made and lessons learned.  Best to get figures sculpted, cast and painted in quickish iterations.  I can improve my skill and understanding that go’s into the whole process end to end this way.

6 thoughts on “WIP: Prototype Painted 10mm Fantasy Aztec Frogman Eagle Warrior

  1. Will paint up at least one base of them by then I am sure. The only thing stopping me form doing more is that the prototype moulds are a bit of a pain in the arse to make figures from as I have do a fair bit of sawing lead due to the way I did the mould. There are a good few mistakes in this frogman (weapon and ankle broke making the mould) and some unfinished parts to the sculpt (legs) but one probably wont notice at the scale in any event.

    I really like the blue colour as a frog colour – not sure which blue it is now as its from the ancient Citadel 80’s era paints I have so many of. Light blue in anyways.

    1. It will be cool if you have a unit of frogboyz ready to go, just for fun.

      That blue looks to me like Horizon Blue from the old “Epic Paint Set”, but I could be wrong. I still have some here so we can check on Saturday if you like. Horizon blue is a great colour,

      Cote D’Arms make identical paints to that eras GW stuff (I think that they used to be the original manufacturers) and there are equivalency charts in various places… but they dont seem to cover that particular colour for some reason.


      1. Ohhh Horizon Blue, that could be it. I never really used it much I guess. It’s gonna feature quite a bit for me in future I would guess as it suits my usual pallate well. Thanks for the tip about Cote D’Arms. The new GW paints dont really do it for me in the main.

  2. Hey, since Warmaster is just getting a second wind, I am wondering if there are still plans to do a full Slann army in 10mm style?

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