Freebooter Kaptain

Orks, Space Orks, Warhammer 40K

This is the finished freebooter kaptain from the earlier post.  It is based on the old Ghazghkull Thraka model – actually the 2nd version of him technically.  I hacked off that awful sword arm and replaced it with a more modern Orky muscle-bound arm with power klaw from the current nobz mob plastic box set – which is awesome for weaponz and bitz.  I replaced his silly horny hat with a scratchbuilt pirate hat.  The skull is from a shield and the feather is from the old Soldiers of the Empire WHFG boxed set.  The addition of 3 bosspoles was done both to make him look more Freebootery and to balance the weapons visually (and physically).  It is no coincidence that this fellow looks like a cross between a rastafarian and a jolly roger flag.  Yo ho ho and a barrel ‘o fungus toke, Whaaaaarrrrrrghzzzzzz!

Space Slann Again

Frog Men, Space Slann, Warhammer 40K

As I am not up to too much figures wise at the moment due to study pressures it’s time for a clip show.  The Warhammer 40K Slann warband is the next thing due for some attention and with that in mind here are a couple of better pictures of existing finished models along with the current WIPs.