Freebooter Kaptain

Orks, Space Orks, Warhammer 40K

This is the finished freebooter kaptain from the earlier post.  It is based on the old Ghazghkull Thraka model – actually the 2nd version of him technically.  I hacked off that awful sword arm and replaced it with a more modern Orky muscle-bound arm with power klaw from the current nobz mob plastic box set – which is awesome for weaponz and bitz.  I replaced his silly horny hat with a scratchbuilt pirate hat.  The skull is from a shield and the feather is from the old Soldiers of the Empire WHFG boxed set.  The addition of 3 bosspoles was done both to make him look more Freebootery and to balance the weapons visually (and physically).  It is no coincidence that this fellow looks like a cross between a rastafarian and a jolly roger flag.  Yo ho ho and a barrel ‘o fungus toke, Whaaaaarrrrrrghzzzzzz!


4 thoughts on “Freebooter Kaptain

  1. Thats a cool figure, its nice to see it finished. He only needs a crew o’ scallywags to swab his poop deck now. He may also require a poop deck.

    When shown in the slideshow the photos are a little small. I would like to take a look at the verdigris on the bosspoles, seeing as we discussed painting it relatively recently.

    “I replaced his silly horny hat with a scratchbuilt pirate hat.”
    Because there is nothing silly about a space ork wearing a 1.5 metre wide pirate hat, oh no 😉

    1. Those images were big when I uploaded them… fact they are 1600 x 1200 as it stands. They are plenty big on my viewing end of the internets, please clarify?

      I stand by my statment 😛

      You have to remember that pirate hats were actually worn by actual pirates. I am not sure anybody who wasn’t a poser wore horns de rigeur as a battle outfit…well maybe some samurai dudes but they were always very tasetful.


      1. I cant make out the detail terribly well from here (the slideshows make it harder to “get at” pics too, if you know what I mean), but its no big whoop.

        As for horned hats, thats a fair point. Ghazghkulls headwear tastes have always been questionable. Im not complaining about it anyway, just pointing out that the model isnt *that* serious. I mean, he would look a bit odd in an Asimov book for example 🙂

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