Genestealers, Warhammer 40K

Rogue Trader Genestealers have always been a firm favorite of mine.  Here are some snaps of the cult I will be working on over the coming months.

The Patriarch is WIP as I never got around to finishing off his paint job.  I don’t have any truck with the modern Stealer design and so I didn’t want to use the Broodlord from GW thus I roll’d me own by filing down 2 stealers and joining the legs together to make big thick ones.  The arms are built up from the existing arms using green stuff.  The head likewise although you could probably find a suitable head from another Tyranid if sculpting is not your forte.  I may re-do him at some stage as he needs a little work, then again I may not.

This cult will most likely be soon selling its souls to Slannesh that she might grant them some time on the project workbench.  I love the background mash that is chaos genestealer cults.  Freaky freaky Rogue Trader goodness.  I might even get around to modeling a genestealer with a boob job.  Expect some heretical nonsense to follow.  I won’t be trying to use this army as a “counts as” list because the most recent versions of 40k can stick their square heads up their own bottoms for all I care.  This is important as I will not be trying to make up units of ‘Ardboyz or other such constraining behaviour which I see in most other peoples efforts at cult forces.