Slann Brave With Graviton Gun

Space Slann, Warhammer 40K

A few snaps of a Slann brave conversion using an old fantasy model with some unidentified sci-fi miniature gun which looks a bit like a Graviton gun from Rogue Trader.  Grenades and Tricorder thingie from the Tau fire warrior sprue.


4 thoughts on “Slann Brave With Graviton Gun

  1. Awww, hes cute. Nice job on the yellow too, putting the “frog” into “frogman”. Your photography has improved too by the look of these shots.

    With this sort of progress we should be equipped for some fun stuff soon. A RT themed weekend of 7TV next Spring perhaps?

    1. Yep we should have a variety of new warbands done by then. I am still not sure about the static grass on minis. Thing I really hate about the static grass is that it goes bloody everywhere when you use it and if something sticky is not dry on the model when you glue on the grass it looks like when you rush into work and realise you missed a spot shaving!

      I think I prefer the GW flocked look over a drybrushed sand base. Those little tufts of grass look better also. I wanted to try to capture a swampy effect with these guys…oh well.

      1. Static grass is a load of shite. Everybody and their mother was mashing it onto their miniatures a few years back and it looked seriously dodgy in 90% of applications.

        All the cool kids (plus me, although I obviously dont fall into either the “cool” or “kid” category) use tufts nowadays. I was wary of using tufts because static grass so often looks like the unfeasibly hued children of roadkill and a toupée, but I was happy with the results that I got from tufts in the end. Plus tufts

        I dont know if the colour that I used would be suitable for that swampy, bullrush look but you can get tufts in various colours. I use Army Painter tufts.

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