Making some scenic things for a change

Wargames Terrain, Warhammer 40K

While since I posted anything but rest assured that I have not been completely idle over the Xmas period.  Got some more work done on the Rogue Trader Guardsmen but they are not ready for their close up just yet.

In the meantime here are some pictures of the scenic pieces I have been bashing together out of anything that is lying about.

My making pictures of scenery skills are in need of some improvement but this is supposed to be a sort of fuel tower/mekboy workshop kind of building….

And this is a scratchbuilt tree.  Some people think you need to buy your trees to have good looking ones, nonsense I say!  Mrs.VonBismark made this one from wire armature covered in masking tape (before she ran out of enthusiasm for the project) which I then followed up with lashings of textured paint and some green stuff put on in places and stabbed a bit with a sharp implement to both stabilize the branches and simulate the texture of a tree.  Make sure you leave nice sharp bits of wire to stick on the spongey stuff (whatever it’s called) which is beloved of model train enthusiasts.  Superglue that sponge stuff on whenever you finish painting the tree parts.  The base is polystyrene with a cardboard base.  I deliberately bent the branches wide enough in the middle to fit a standard round based figure in there so snipers can take up position in it should the opportunity arise.

Hopefully I have inspired some of you to have a go at making some trees of their own, I think home built ones are in fact much nicer than the store bought ones, and you can make them in any scale you want if you are into 5mm or 54mm gaming for instance.


2 thoughts on “Making some scenic things for a change

  1. The workshop looks cool. I must get a few taller signature pieces like that together for my Standard Falls terrain.

    The tree is undeniably cute, but only one? A forest of those would be nice, get on it 😉

    Whats next? More terrain or more toy soldiers?

  2. Cheers P. I am definitely glad I tried to theme the scenery rather than build very vanilla scenery as I think it will help to suggest scenarios and give the small scale stuff more character. I am looking forward to building a couple of more pieces like that one with specific functions, like a radio tower or a power generator etc. I look forward to seeing what you come up with for signature pieces (although that castle you made is definitely a fine signature piece in my book). I think I will make two or three more trees like that one at some stage soon as they are pretty quick to make and look great, also the missus had previously made some small versions for smaller scales (5mm-15mm) which were pretty cool. Trees fit in with my plan to work on some agriworld scenery as I have enough post apoc for the moment soon – the tales from the maelstrom guys have made exactly the kind of stuff I want to go for. I have made quite a few trees around xmas from fake aquarium flora as well a painted up a load of GW plastic catachan jungle trees.

    I will give the terrain a break for a couple of weeks until I can finish off the Guardsmen Squad to a decent level. Once they get done I can add some of the more interesting models (medic, lieutenant, commissar, human bomb etc. from my collection to that force to finish it off for some 7TV style gaming.
    It is likely that I will do some more Necrons also, that sniper guy you sent me is top of the list along with working out how to make an awesome Necron Lord and painting up the Space Crusade Dreadnought to boot.

    So plenty of projects planned out to start the year really which should be short enough for my attention span for these things!

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