Rogue Trader Era Imperial Guard Project – Imperial Guard Tactical Squad

Humans, Warhammer 40K

Finally got this squad of 10 finished.  There is now a little touch up work to be done on them due to an accident involving a pesky feline exactly at the moment I had completed some varnishing but for now I feel I need to paint a different model.  Painting 10 at once has once more proved to be a chore.  It is fine for mass produced similar models that have a quick paint job but when you actually make some effort to paint them well I find 10 models to be excruciating.  I need to have a quick turnaround on figure’s paint job process to get the mental reward for acomplishment.  I have far too many half finished projects as it is so it is rewarding to get a full 10 model squad done.  Next I will reward myself by working on the Lieutenant model for this force – who will be the leader/character for my IG grunts.  Obviously he will need his command squad with medic, flag guy, radio guy, grenade launcher toting guy………

…anyway here some quick photos which will have to suffice until I make some nicer ones!