Rogue Trader Era Imperial Guard Project – Lieutenant

Humans, Warhammer 40K

A classic Lieutenant sculpted by Mark Copplestone.  This guy dates from 1989.  Eclectic is the word that springs to mind looking at this figure design.  I have opted to paint the trousers in a light grey with a red stripe on the side and to do the armour bits in black with gold trim in order to distinguish him from the enlisted men on the tabletop.  Light grey (white) pants are very much inspired by the John Blanche painting officer standing beside the Commissar.  Note that the plasma pistol is from a contempory marine model.  I painted the gauntlet so as to give the impression of him having a robot hand…I hope he plans to only use it for good.  Given the contempory rules for plasma weapons (which seem to be inspired by russian roulette) there is a pleasing touch of irony in him having a robot hand.

I love these Copplestone figures which deserve to have great paint jobs to show them at their best so I hope I haven’t butchered the paint job too much!

Next up on this project will be the rest of his command squad – Medic, Orderly (flag waving guy), Grenadier, Veteran Sargent.


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