WIP – Rough Rider Sergeant on Servosteed

Humans, Sculpting, Warhammer 40K

This is a work in progress for a potential rough rider squad.  I may never get around to building a full squad of them but I always liked the concept of using the undead steeds as the basis for a rough rider riding animal.  The idea is similar to the servo skull cyber-robots made from the heads of trusted imperial servents except in this case it is a trusted horse which has had the dubious honour of being cyberdized.  Oddly enough I have never seen anybody do a decent effort at this concept that was not just a really lame looking cadian on an unconverted undead horse – if anybody has come accross a good one please link me!

I have opted to not bother with the rather cliché hunting lance and have gone for a bone splintering chainsword which the preferred cavalry weapon on Necromunda where it is used for crowd control in the underhive 🙂

Ohh yeah and I have also taken the liberty of intergrating a storm bolter into the Servosteed for sheer awesomeness (and you never know when you will be called upon to crowd control a genestealer cult).

The mechanical bitz come from clockwork watches which Ms. VonBismark had previously scavenged, I highly recommend getting your hands on some old scrap watches for parts, especially for the tiny buzzsaws 😉


There is more detailing to go on this fellow before it is finally ready for some paint.

Rough Rider Servosteed Rough Rider Servosteed Rough Rider Servosteed Rough Rider Servosteed Rough Rider Servosteed Rough Rider Servosteed