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Following on from feedback on the proto-ogryn ( we have the improved version of the HeroQuest ogryn.

Already nicknamed "The Bad Lieutenant" by the GF

Already nicknamed “The Bad Lieutenant” by the GF

I spent a bit of time over the last week sculpting a classic imperial guard circa 1989 helmet onto the plastic HeroQuest ogryn head using green stuff.

Using the basic HeroQuest head as an armature for the green stuff

Using the basic HeroQuest head as an armature for the green stuff

I nearly contemplated suicide getting the smoothness of the head

I nearly contemplated suicide getting the smoothness of the head

The bits on the side are plastic shield bosses from the Skeleton Army boxed set

The bits on the side are plastic shield bosses from the Skeleton Army boxed set


I took it at this stage and made a mold of it in silicon as I plan to make a few of these guys.  I used lead to make a casting of it for this model.

Plasticard strips attacked with my needle nose pliers are used to make the armour plates

Plasticard strips attacked with my needle nose pliers are used to make the armor plates

The armor is much improved vs. the earlier version.  The thicker plasticard used gives the model more visual weight than before and allows me to get nice battle damage effects on the plates.  Use of a needle nose pliers on the plasticard allows me to shape and texture the plates in a pleasing manner.  The head has been moved up the body a little to bring the posture back a little bit towards humanoid.

HeroQuest Ogryn Makeover

HeroQuest Ogryn Makeover

The bare feet were given some attention to give them similar footwear to the other guardsmen.  Note his oldschool timepiece.  I was going to give him a normal watch but Mrs. VonBismark suggested that I needed to go more low tech given the operator.  It looks like he could kill with this watch.

Not much taller than a guardsman really

Not much taller than a guardsman really

The armor is heavier than the standard guardsman which is grand for this fellow given he is a sort of assault shock trooper.  The unit badge gave me trouble.  I could not find a suitable imperial transfer for it.  I see him as being attached to the 3rd platoon so I gave him the platoon badge colours and it is always desirable to keep the same badge colours on such a small group of models.  The transfer I went for was from the ork sheet which I painted over to get a nice inverted colour smiley face.


I like how this model came out in a number of ways but his very short legs still bother me a little.  I learned a good bit from him and can quickly get the strongest points of this model created quickly again on the next one.  That next version of the HeroQuest ogre will surely have some heavy modification lined up on the lower torso for this model, somewhat inspired by my reading up on converting space marines to truescale here:

Great site for green stuff conversion tips.

9 thoughts on “Rogue Trader Era Imperial Guard Project – Ogryn

  1. Fantastic, I love it! A huge improvement on the prototype and nothing says “RT Imperial Guard” like that helmet style. I heartily approve 🙂

    That guy is crying out for “LOVE” and “HATE” tattooed on his knuckles. Maybe a “mum” on his upper arm too. Some simple tattoo motif to run through the unit would be cool and very in keeping with the illustrations from the RT era. Nothing complex like celtic knotwork or anything, just something that those guys did with a piece of shrapnel and some tank paint.

    Although the leg proportions are short, its important that the figure looks like an ogre or inhuman monster rather than a 54mm human, so I dont think that you should change them at all really. The ogryns need to look inhuman in many respects, rather than just large and the short legs help with that I think. Plus it will save you time.

    The only thing that I have a minor issue with is the bottom armour plate, which make the armour vaguely like a smock or coat rather than clasped on body hugging stuff. If I may be so bold as to suggest that future iteratons stop a plate above that (and maybe have a codpiece or something instead, maybe), then I think that the armour would look even more like the gear that this guys little buddies wear.

    I love the badge and the Ripper Gun too. Great stuff 🙂

    1. Thanks Sho3box!

      Funny you mentioned “LOVE/HATE” tattoes as Doti said the same thing to me. She also had issue with the fact that his helmet lacked a strap – she is normally bang on with this kind of stuff. I am with you on the tattoo motif. I will have a look at the old Ogryn pictures over the weekend for some inspiration.

      You are right, the additional armor plate is “a bridge too far”. I was telling meself that it was fine during build but it is not perect at all. This is the kind of useful feedback I need to get these guys done as well as possible.

      If you remember the MB game Battle Masters that came with Citadel models, one of them was the Ogre Champion which is basically a 3-up version of the HeroQuest model. I think I am going to do this guy as a sort of Uber-ogryn Norkk Deaddog kind of fellow – a 40K Giant as it were. Now I feel he could look pretty awesome if done with the same approach as the Ogryns above. It may work to use the same head casting for that Thrudd the barbarian look. Who needs a dreadnought when you have one of these fellows….

      1. Im familiar with the big ol’ BM ogre/giant. Shoehorning him in here is a good idea – it will never be used for anything else anyway. Definitely go with the same sized head.

        The chinstrap occurred to me when I saw the picture on my phone first thing this morning too 🙂 Hanging straps would add to the “Duuuh…” look, in a good way I think. Not on every member of the unit, but in two or three of them for sure.

        I dont think that you need to use tattoo motifs from the old illustrations in particular. A mis-spelled “Van Halen” or “Meat Loaf” scrawled on a bicep here and there would make me laugh. Think “1989”. Maybe even a “Duran Duran” or better, “A-Ha”. Or “Nick Kershaw” or “Roxette”,


        “Milli Vanilli” Ha ha!

      2. That music listing gave me a laugh. D-Rok or Bolt Thrower perhaps would be more apt. but the would never make that list. 😉

        Hanging straps are definitely added to the list then!

        I will have to get me choppa out tonight and hack some of these models about to see what tiny head giant ogryn looks like.

        I would love to know who sculpted the original model. Perhaps there is a listing on Stuff of Legends…

  2. He’s looking rather good. There’s something really quite characterful to the somewhat less fancy design approach taken with the Rogue Trader era minis. I do wish sometimes that GW would dust off the plastic moulds and cast them up again.

    Keep up the good paintwork!

    1. Thanks for the feedback cheerfulmeerkat.

      The simple design approach makes simpler models to paint which is nice.

      The modern figures are mass produced to tightly controlled designs where the RT era ones were individual sculpts with a mix of styles from the various sculptors. The creative freedom makes for lots of scope for character in the individual models.

      I won’t hold my breath waiting for GW to recast that stuff!

  3. This guy looks great. I can really appreciate the effort that’s gone into replicating the armour from the RT1.5-era Imperial “no longer the Army” Guard. The helmet is an especially nice touch, though I agree, a dangling chinstrap would finish the look quite nicely.

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