Death to the False Emperor!

40K Epic Scale, 6mm

I recently had a wave of enthusiasm for NetEpic and had a go at painting some Heresy era Death Guard, it doesn’t take much to send me into a painting frenzy for epic scale 40k.  I always find epic models to be very rewarding projects to work on.  It’s a damn shame they have dropped support for this scale.  Luckily I have a decent horde of those old models so that I can now paint up several armies for it at my leisure.

So I decided on space marines and messed about with the Minotaur colour scheme which is basically copper coloured.  I didn’t like it and changed to a heresy era Death Guard colour scheme which I think is much brighter on the tabletop.

Death Guard Company HQ with Devastator Squad

Death Guard Company HQ with Devastator Squad

You want to be able to make out those details at this scale so a bright scheme is your friend in this regard.  The Death Guard being predominantly white fit the bright requirement nicely and I really like the burnished gold edging on the armour to boot.

Pre-Heresy Death Guard

Pre-Heresy Death Guard


The green colour I could take or leave and notably the original Death Guard scheme was red and white which looks kind of cool, but I painted them green anyways…for now.

The Death Guard in the days of Adeptus Titanicus and Space Marine wore red it seems

8 thoughts on “Death to the False Emperor!

  1. I love Epic stuff. Fun projects to work on with high turnover and surprisingly large amounts of character.

    You do remember that I painted a 6mm Nurgle Sin Eaters army in 2004 or 2005 that matches my 28mm one, right? That is, I painted a white epic nurgle marine army with red trim, with a Warlord Titan and third party flyers in an inverted scheme? We played some games with them in Cadogan Road.

    I guess that your little guys and mine may not meet I suppose, but with all the options available it seems like a pity to double up with white Nurgle Marine armies. Even the basing is similar 😀

    You should have gone with Minotaurs 😉

    Do you have any epic flyers painted? I picked up Aeronautica Imperialis and its expansion in a sale when GW pulled the plug on 6mm. It could be fun to try it out some time.

    1. I guess I am going with the green and not red then!

      Naturelment I remember your tiny friends. I don’t see the armies clashing particularly. Your epic guys are in the white grey greenish part of the spectrum for me while mine are from the white brown part of the spectrum and I am using different colours for everything else. Mine will be a heresy era list rather than an overtly Nurglesque army – although the transfer I choose (one of the few transfers that would fit on it!) for the HQ banner has a suspicously Nurgle feel to it….

      The only epic flyers I ever picked up were the squat gyrocopters which double up as imperial flyers at the moment. They are goofy but sweet little models. Probably use proxy models or scratch build/convert some if it came to it.

      1. My Nurgle guys are very cartoony, even in 6mm. If your guys look a bit more parade ground then it wont matter. Its not a biggie any way that you look at it, but it is a pity to double up when there are so many other nice marine schemes and concepts.

        I plan to use cheap plastics for Aeronautica Imperialis. I painted a few to go with the Titan and some of the others will make good Necron stuff. I have quite a few Eldar flyers and a handful of Fighta Bommas. I do have a pair of thunderhawks to add to the Sin Eaters. Cute models.

        I have begun a kitbash for a 28mm gyrocopter sort of thing for my Ursa Miners, but flyers at that scale are silly. But its calling to me. I even have a pilot on foot model…

        Whats next for the Death Guard then?

      2. You have plenty of fliers there. I have 3 of the old thunderhawks now that I think of it, flying shoeboxes that they are.

        I am working on a battle company, 19 stands and 10 Rhinos to begin with to give the core of the Death Guards army.

  2. Thanks so very much for the follow. And your stuff looks awesome!! I love how you’ve done the bright green in the eyes (Do we call them eyes? I’m behind on terminology for 40K 😛 ).
    Either way, these look so cool!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, your stuff is pretty good also, I will be keeping an eye on your stuff now :).

      I guess we would call them eyes although auto-sense optical inputs would probably be more correct. The green is Bilious Green (not sure what the modern colour equivalent would be). You really need those colours to be bright and pop as much as possible to see them in epic scale.

      I have some more of these tiny chaps on the way really soon.

  3. You may care to note that the white/pale grey with red right arm and shoulder is still canon. Its the early Great Crusade scheme Legio XIV used before Mortarion was found and moulded them into the Death Guard, when they were known as the Dusk Raiders 🙂

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