11 thoughts on “Eagle Warriors Unit Champion

  1. Great ! I like how the light tone on the metallics enhances the alien/space origin of the weapon and shield. It gives another meaning to the eagle neck device, making it look like the remnants of an ancient spacesuit. I like to think that boih eagle and tiger warriors suits could be inspired from old spacesuits, this adds some little depth.
    I really love how the slight touch of all diferrent colours doesn’t affect the overall coherence. really great job.

    1. Thanks dude! I have been trying to get some Ancient Aliens theme into this army after watching the History Channel stuff.

      Ancient Astronauts Theory fits well with the old Slann background – rather than I am an Eric VonDaniken fanboy.

  2. You are getting away with rampant use of gaudy colour and Liberace levels of metallics with these guys, which is impressive. Im still too scarred by my early 90s feet-first experiences with the GW “Metallic Paint Set” to engage in such a daredevil manner. Kudos to you.

    I really like the overt sci-fi trapping on this guy. Its a personal preference thing, but I am much more interested in the degenerate remains of an ancient starfaring civilisation than a plain old bunch of fantasy frogs. It also means that I will be a lot happier to see these guys ribbiting around in our RT themed games.

    “Boo” to endless WiP shots though. The internet is clogged with images of unfinished miniatures. Miniature WiPs are interesting in some cases, but a cop out in most. Buck the trend!

    1. The nature of assembling fantasy battle units tends to lend itself towards WIP shots The basing is usually best done at the end of the process and combines with making a movement tray for the whole lot – so you are stuck with it unless I get super quick at churning out units – lol. The process is as interesting as the end product as that’s where the learning occurs.

      The aincient tech hidden in the jungles of Lustria, the mysterious techno-savage amazons, the degenerate Slann, primative Pygmy cultures and ancinet Lizardman race who predate the Slann is all part of what appeals to me about the Lustria setting. If it was just fantasy frogs and lizards (like now) it would not really do it for me. The Warhammer world in 3rd ed is really a special case of a single odd planet in the galaxy of 40k – a bit like the Discworld ;). I think it’s aptly Oldhammer to emphasise the crossover nature of the background.

      You could have your Rogue Trader discovering this bizarre world and having conquistador inspired shenanigans with ease! Awesome!

      1. The Inquisitorial interstellar delivery of astro-smallpox to the Lustrian “savages” will happen for sure. I have plans for an alien jungle and they should compliment your Slann rather well, whenever I get the Deathworld flora done (2014 I hope, but plans are not fully set yet).

        I love to see process in hobby posts. Finishing items does not preclude the display of process, the opposite in fact. Process can be shown alongside completed items with the additional benefit of not diluting the impact of the work in advance.

        As for unit size dictating, size discrepancy between units for systems isnt a factor unless the poster wants it to be: nobody is forced to post photos of any items in any state.

        I do get the notion of the journey being more important than the destination – this hobby is all about the work being its own reward – but multiple WiPs are too “noisy” for me and a big turn off as a result. I dislike Facebook for the same reason: frequent inconsequential content < infrequent significant content.

        Multiple smiley face, YMMV, no offence intended, I love your work, marry me etc.

        They will be great when they are finished 🙂

      2. I agree Work in progress shots are not what I want to see the most and I try to post the least of them I can on my blog. That said, they can have an interest when you are in the middle of a project you haven’t planned and you’re asking the community some advice.
        I appreciate constructive criticism on a finished model if I know I’ve done what I wanted and that the person in front of me explains how he would have done things differently. When I have no clue about what to do next, I prefer to post WIP.
        Anyway, I agree with you on the big picture and I tend to get away from blogs with filler posts to say “I haven’t done anything”

      3. I quote like what you’re doing here with the Slann even though I’m not a fan of the actual Slann models. Brings back the obvious memories of Space Slann and WFB3 Slann, and so the Rule of Cool carries them through. Interesting to see the Slann’s influence on both the formative Eldar as well as the Tau that would be discovered much later.. 😉

        On WIP shots – I’m guilty of posting a fair few WIP shots on my own blog, though the motive for it is often to keep *me* motivated, as my attention can be flitting at the best of times, and particularly so when working on figures that I don’t enjoy painting – like Mantic’s Ogres (even if I’m happy with the final product).

      4. Thanks Azazel! I am in agreement with you on the value of WIP shots for motivation, especially on the more complex projects. It really helps to hold you attention to the stuff you are blogging about, otherwise I would drift into some other exciting idea too easily and leave the model half painted – like much of my painted figures unfortunately!

      5. Yep, I know that all too well. Every so often I clear my painting desk and only work on finishing off models that are already started.. usually I manage to get a few done before getting distracted by shiny and starting new figures and projects… so the WIP photos help to maintain concentration.

  3. Ahh sure it’s grand so long as I don’t get off the subject of toy soldiers and start talking about some pulp fantasy novel or computer game. 😉

    My WIP’s are here to stay though as they are the best way I can track how I was approaching a project in the past which is one of the major motivations for doing a blog in the first place.

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