The Eagle Knights of the Slann

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My theme...

Did I not mention my army theme yet?

Finally getting over the drop in enthusiasm for doing anything hobby related over the Xmas period I got some solid work done on the elite Slann Eagle Warriors .  As you can see the colour scheme is inspired by the great Liberace.  Whenever I think that a colour scheme is too over the top I look at a picture of this guy for 20 seconds.  It makes me realise that I was being conservative in the first place!

Enough blathering on with da figgaz!



I have been experimenting with a basing scheme for the Slann.  This one is not bad.  There is simple oldschool charm to just using sand and painting it.  I have used colours on the bases which appear in the unit colours helping in gunking this unholy colour palette together in a credible manner.

This unit is the nucleus of a Slann army

This unit is the nucleus of a Slann army

This many took me bloody ages to crank out but they were worth the effort in the long run.  I need to make up a musician and a standard bearer next.  The musician will have a horn based on a John Blanche concept sketch for the Slann.  The standard I have not really coalesced a clear idea about yet.  I think it will have to be on the big side for sure.  I don’t want to make an Aztec banner or anything but something more Warhammer and painterly I think (but with feathers natch).  Perhaps a portrait of the man himself with an eagle for a head….with me it will probably end up being something batshit crazy.

Those feathers were a pain in the arse!  Gotta love the brightly coloured feather PJ's

Those headdress feathers were a pain in the arse but I did love painting the brightly coloured feather PJ’s

I will need to do another 9 standard guys to go with that musician and standard bearer to bring the unit up to full battle strength.  I plan to do those ones with reposing and greenstuff resculpting in order to break up the cookie cutter look.  I have a higher threshold for planning, preparing and converting than for painting so it will not take me very long to get those guys made up when I get the wind in my sails for this unit again.



There are still some minor touch ups to be done here and there but as I have reached my sanity threshold for this unit it’s time to move onto another unit for a while.  Next up is finishing off those primitive Slann Jungle Braves I started ages ago.