The Eagle Knights of the Slann

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Did I not mention my army theme yet?

Finally getting over the drop in enthusiasm for doing anything hobby related over the Xmas period I got some solid work done on the elite Slann Eagle Warriors .  As you can see the colour scheme is inspired by the great Liberace.  Whenever I think that a colour scheme is too over the top I look at a picture of this guy for 20 seconds.  It makes me realise that I was being conservative in the first place!

Enough blathering on with da figgaz!



I have been experimenting with a basing scheme for the Slann.  This one is not bad.  There is simple oldschool charm to just using sand and painting it.  I have used colours on the bases which appear in the unit colours helping in gunking this unholy colour palette together in a credible manner.

This unit is the nucleus of a Slann army

This unit is the nucleus of a Slann army

This many took me bloody ages to crank out but they were worth the effort in the long run.  I need to make up a musician and a standard bearer next.  The musician will have a horn based on a John Blanche concept sketch for the Slann.  The standard I have not really coalesced a clear idea about yet.  I think it will have to be on the big side for sure.  I don’t want to make an Aztec banner or anything but something more Warhammer and painterly I think (but with feathers natch).  Perhaps a portrait of the man himself with an eagle for a head….with me it will probably end up being something batshit crazy.

Those feathers were a pain in the arse!  Gotta love the brightly coloured feather PJ's

Those headdress feathers were a pain in the arse but I did love painting the brightly coloured feather PJ’s

I will need to do another 9 standard guys to go with that musician and standard bearer to bring the unit up to full battle strength.  I plan to do those ones with reposing and greenstuff resculpting in order to break up the cookie cutter look.  I have a higher threshold for planning, preparing and converting than for painting so it will not take me very long to get those guys made up when I get the wind in my sails for this unit again.



There are still some minor touch ups to be done here and there but as I have reached my sanity threshold for this unit it’s time to move onto another unit for a while.  Next up is finishing off those primitive Slann Jungle Braves I started ages ago.

5 thoughts on “The Eagle Knights of the Slann

  1. They look good. The different coloured faces remind me of the attendees of the Muppet Show 🙂 The shields look familiar somehow, like an old 3D projector or the lenses on the aliens and tripods in the 1953 War of the Worlds or a kaleidoscope or something.

    A minor project more easily achieved might be best next perhaps, something that can be taken from start to finish quickly. A simple hero model (not a massive ork special character or Tyrion or anything) or a small unit of easily painted guys like halflings or skeletons or something maybe. That would hopefully get you the satisfaction of ticking that item off the bucket list and subsequently blogging about it might reinvigorate you.

    Biting off more than can be chewed kills productivity. I hope that painting the braves will be less hassle, particularly as we have a game with them planned for three weeks time 🙂

    1. Cheers Paul!

      The thing they remind you of is probably the Simon game from MB:

      I do see what you mean about the muppet show attendees lol :).

      The next project (Braves/Scouts) is already nearly finished as I tend to work in parallel on these things so it is exactly as you advise. I want to get that guy on the cold one done to add a decent high level character to the force. 3 Weeks is plenty of time to get a load done.

  2. Glad to hear it. We dont want hoist ourselves on our own petard now do we 🙂

    The feathers look great BTW. Its an impressively technicolour unit, thats for sure. I would be far too conservative to attempt a scheme like that.

    It may have been Simon that they reminded me of alright. I saw a TV ad for Simon on TV before Xmas. I think it was part of a Charlie Brooker show about the history of video games.

    Im looking forward to seeing the braves 🙂

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