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After a weekends gaming shenanigans with Cheetor the painting muse was in effect.  At these sorts of events we inevitably get around to talking about some pretty esoteric project ideas and I usually don’t follow up on any of them…..usually….

Eternia's greatest humanitarian

YOU FOOL! Eternia’s greatest humanitarian

I first noticed the savage ork kit used for conversions on Mr. Saturday’s Mumblings where he used it to great effect building Fimir.  It was not until last weekend that the idea of kitbashing up a Skeletork with it came about.

Basic components

Basic components consist of a savage ork body, a jaw from a savage ork head, plastic ork skull and green stuff

This is the first stage of green stuffing

This is the first stage of green stuffing

2nd Stage of green stuffing, finishing the hood

Second stage of green stuffing, finishing the hood

I need a not-Panthor....I shall name her Pantrix

I need a not-Panthor….I shall name her Pantrix

Rear view of 2nd stage of green stuffing

Rear view of 2nd stage of green stuffing

Basic colours blocked in

Basic colours blocked in

Gratuitous ass shot...

Gratuitous ass shot…

So as you can see the savage ork kit has proved to be an excellent kit for projects set in Orkternia.  Below you can see the completed model.  Skeletork is a very versatile figure and he should expect to see service as a Wierdboy Warphead, Savage Ork Shamman, Chaos Sorcerer, Necromancer…..just about anything I can shoe horn him into.

I will have to add some accessories to him before he is truly completed.  He is just not right without that ram head staff thing.  I will make one and magnetise it to the model later when I have a little more time!



Skeletork's chiseled buttocks

Skeletork’s eye catching chiseled buttocks

There are more Orkternians that will be added to this modellers Yooniverse in time.  Please leave suggestions in the post box below (and I will ignore them FOOL).


Skeletor expounds his views on what Oldhammer is really about

Skeletor expounds his views on what Oldhammer is really about

18 thoughts on “Skeletork

    1. Thanks Saturday, you are in part responsible for this abomination ;). Regarding the skull, it is from the current GW Fantasy orks sprue.

      You can see it in this image just below the arms on the top left. Note that I added a jaw from a plastic savage ork head to it:

  1. That’s hilarious… and well-executed. Nice! Do I spy a two-headed beastman over skeletork’s shoulder in the meme picture?

  2. Badass. The work on the skin is nice and subtle too, cool. I know that I would have ended up with something chalky if I were painting it.

    Like Dr. Doom and Wile E. Coyote, Skeletor is one of those villains that people end up rooting for, just because their nemesis is such a jerk.

    I really want to see a green He-Ork with a blonde bob. Straight teeth might even work on a He-Ork 😀

    Trap-Gob, Ork-E-Faces and Beast Ork to come… be still my beating secondary heart!

    1. Thanks Paul. Glad you like the skin. I am quite conscious of not going overboard on the highlighting as it is not really a feature of the animated series or the toys. A little is necessary to bring out the details of the sculpt but too much and he starts to look like a piece of Skeletor fan art on Deviantart. One of the coolest discoveries from this project is the colour I used on his face – a combination of bleached bone and bilious green (not sure what the modern version of that colour is called if it even exists). It makes for a very eye popping colour when combined with the sharp contrasts of the black lining.

      Everyone knows that Skeletor is the real anti-hero of Eternia joining forces with his arch nemisis to save the world – so long as it suits him. You would never find that spirit of co-operation in He-Man, no sir. Thus Hee-Ork is going to have to be a particularly belligerent and nasty piece of work methinks.

  3. I was going to mention that the skin looks desirably flat and that it matches the source material well as a result, but I didnt think that I would be able to say that online without sounding like a dick (I recently broke my smiley face key due to overuse).

    We are on the same page I think. A flat plastic-y blue with some accents to show the contours and textures is definitely the way to go. Post modern re-imainings should only go so far.

    As a product of Gordon Gecko like Reaganomics, He-Man is a waitress-arse-pinching, locker-room-towel-whipping astro-coke-snorting, sanctimonious shit. I can only expect He-Ork to take this to its logical extreme…

    1. Plastic muscle bound hunks for the win! It will be fun /tricky trying to Ad-ork in concert with He-Ork. Have to practice sculpting a bob – I have a classic Jes Goodwin “wood elf with a bob” model to base it on from the Malnebonian range 🙂

    1. Cheers Subedai. Skeletork was a pretty quick build as most of the bits I needed were to hand and didn’t require too much converting efforts. Trap-Gob on the other hand is gonna be a little bit more involved!

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