Lizardmen Warriors

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The Lizardman Warriors entry from Warhammer Armies

The Lizardman Warriors entry from Warhammer Armies

This month sees me making an effort to get more Slann forces painted in preparation for the Oldhammer game we plan to run at Knavecon on 01 March.  We are using the Mordheim rules for this one so 30 odd models is lots for that system.  The Lizardmen here are Bob Olley sclpts (with the exception of perhaps the leader guy in the armour).  They have languished on my lead heap since the early 90’s so it is nice to finally get them painted!  I couldn’t afford to spend too long on them so I fell back on the standard drybrush and ink techniques, nothing too fancy there.  I couldn’t resist doing a little green stuff roots and leaves on the bases.  It didn’t delay the work flow as I needed to chop and disguise the integral bases with green stuff anyway.


Lizardman Warriors

Lizardman Warriors


The 10 Lizardmen takes the total up to 27 models painted for the Slann force.  The plan is to bulk up each of these units to bring them up to full combat strength for the army later on.  For now it’s fun coming up with the first bunch of models in each unit and integrating them into the developing army colour scheme.

The Slann warband so far...

The Slann warband so far…


Here is a close up of the Slann Hero who is now painted up well enough to be game ready.  Room for improvement on him later, as he is fun to paint he will end up being a time sink no doubt.

Slann Hero on Cold One

Slann Hero on Cold One



An Eldritch Gauntlet

An Eldritch Gauntlet

12 thoughts on “Lizardmen Warriors

  1. Very nice. The hero looks great and its nice to see the whole lot together Some guys with blowpipes look like the obvious thematic addition to make next (I have no idea how good/bad they are in-game).

    Its interesting to see how similar the AA lizardmen are to the illustration, far more like it than any of the GW lizardmen that I can recall.

  2. Thanks Cheetor. A couple of guys with blowpipes are high on the priority list along with some human slaves and some animal handlers. This will give me a good representative spread from the old Slann Army.

    A good point about the AA lizardmen, they are a lot closer to the illustration. It seems to me that the 80’s lizardmen were generally represented as long and lithe (especially the earliest citadel ones) and as time wore on the tendancy was towards squater (perhaps easier to design the minis) more muscle bound dinomen.

    Bob Olley did a great job on these fellows. There are two main design styles in these modesl, five of them (with 2 repeat models) are more ornate and organically flowing. The other four are a simple straightforward easy to paint solid design. I would be happy to have more of either type from Mr. Olley.

  3. Very good job here ! Seeing the band as a whole really enbles to se eit’s heading the right way. The dark bases really help to get a vibrant feeling andto make the colourful models “pop out”.
    As said on the forum, the leader is especially convincing with teh contrast between the cold one and his yellow skin.

    I agree the lizardmen are looking far more like th eillustration than any other GW reference. The difference in detail and texture does show the difference of maker with the slanns but the paintjob blends them perfectly.
    Cinsidering the other entries of the WH armies list, I’m expecting some mor eeye-candy from you 😉

  4. Great job, your slann are coming together nicely. I’m very intrigued about your slaves, what are you using? I always thought the Perry plastic tribesmen would make great human slaves with some appropriate weapons.

  5. Very cool warband. The ancient/futuristic equipment the characters are carrying is a great touch that adds even more flair. Also, your lizardmen photo allowed me to ID a miniature I picked up a while ago!

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