Human Slave Test Model

Slann, Warhammer Fantasy
The Warhammer Armies entry for Human Slaves

The Warhammer Armies entry for Human Slaves


Test model for the Human Slaves.  Based on the Perry twins Mahadist Ansar plastics.  I have opted to paint him a little like he is of Norse origin before his…reconditioning.  I like having them with the ridiculous leashes, it is suggestive of many things I want to associate with these unfortunates.  I am thinking of the captive pet humans in the movie La Planete Sauvage (Fantastic Planet) more and more as I work on these guys…

Green stuff collar and leash

Green stuff used for the collar, leash. ankle restraint as well as the top of the club

Human Slave FrontHuman Slave Left

Human Slave Front Right

Human Slave Front Back