A Sabre Tooth Tiger? In Lustria?

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Time for an update to the Slann army project.  With the August Oldhammer 2014 meetup fast approaching I really need to literally get the lead out and get cracking on more units for the Slann army.  So far I am locked into Eagle Warriors, Warrior Priests, Lizardmen, Jungle Braves, Human Slaves and a Spawn Bands unit, so lots of work is pending.  Add to this some character models and cavalry and also some of my favorite troop types in any army list, animal handlers.

Warhammer Armies 3rd Edition Slann Animal Handlers

Warhammer Armies 3rd Edition Slann Animal Handlers

You can have up to 4 handlers who can control 2 – 6 animals.  In 3rd Ed. missile hits on the unit are randomised so if a handler gets killed and there aren’t enough handlers to control the animals, the excess of animals gets lost.  A ratio or 1 handler to 4 animals is about the sweet spot.  Options for the animals are excellent in the Slann list with access to some very nasty beasties indeed.  Even the cold one warhounds at the lower end of the spectrum deserve respect.  Spiders and Scorpions are nasty options but my heart belongs to the Sabre Tooth Tigers.

The Favorite

The Favorite

“The Favorite” is what we call our cutest feline at home, stuff you could never get away with with children gets great mileage with cats.


So today I present for you the first pair of Pan Tangian Tigers which I think you will agree make for some nice looking Sabre-Toothed Tigers.  No idea of who sculpted these but the are some righteous cats.  I will add in some more tigers to this unit at a later time to bulk them up to at least 8 models.  You will note that one of them is painted in the livery of Battle Cat from He-Man (crossover with the Mastorks of the Ooniverse project right there 😉 )…




…and one in the livery of the Pink Panther…


The Pink Panther - as requested by Erny

The Pink Panther – as requested by Erny


So we end up with this:

Sabre-Toothed Tigers

Sabre-Toothed Tigers

Slann Animal Handler's are known for their magical cosmetic breeding alterations aparantly

Slann Animal Handler’s are known for their magical cosmetic breeding alterations apparently

So expect more celebrity cats on this journey, requests will be taken seriously. 😉


11 thoughts on “A Sabre Tooth Tiger? In Lustria?

  1. The models ar excellent to begin with but making such paintsheme look good on a table is a truly great achievement !
    Can’t wait to see the others you have !

    1. Thanks JB. It’s another study in how to make monopose work for you. Same idea as for the Eagle Warriors, keep some focal points consistent – mouth, eyes, claws, bases. Paint the rest of it multicolour but keep the level of shading and highlights consistent accross all colours.

      1. I’ll put those advice to the test : I’ve just received 2 identical marauder chaos hounds (twin head) and I’ll see how different I can make look without altering anything…

  2. I really dig these, fantastic work. I can also see these guys mauling unsuspecting sidekicks and mooks in Deathworld games for sure. Do you have any more shots of the handler?

    There are very many pop-culture cats to work with. It will be fun to see what other famous felines make the cut.

    1. Cheers Paul. I haven’t got shots of the handler as he is not 100% finished. He is a sort of standby handler until I can convert up Sigfried and Roy in Slann format. I have a largish list of popcats to get through although I think I will stop short of Top cat with his waistcoat and hat ;). Next up will definitely be Panthor…and perhaps Hello Kitty or something equally oddball.

  3. Ooooh, this is so awesome at so many levels! Absolutely funny, you got bright inspiration there! I’m looking forward to see more!

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