Cold Blooded Killers

28mm, Fantasy, Slann, Warhammer Fantasy

Finally made some headway with the Lizardmen, huzzah!  This selection of 14 models will be added to the previous 10 Lizardmen I painted earlier on in the project.  Mr. Saturday was kind enough to supply me with a bunch of these classic citadel plastics which I think fit in a lot more nicely with the Oldhammer vibe than the current range of  Lizardmen – who look like bobblehead dinosaurs to me.   They fit in nicely with the Bob Olley venerables which I had  painted previously.  So that makes for 24 Lizardmen….which is too many really.  So with 24 of them done I now plan to take the biggest 4 lizardmen from Bob Olley and rebase them on a 40mm square base to make me some Troglodytes.

Lizardmen Warriors

Lizardmen Warriors


The keen eyed among you will note the presence of a Snakeman in there.  It’s great to be able to work in a classic and unusual model like this fellow.  I think the original model had a little damage on the neck but I just painted over it and made it a feature rather than do complex green stuff restoration.  Of note also is the use of parts from the Savage Ork kit.  I thought that the original weapons were a little on the weedy side for double handed weapons or spears.  The aesthetic is somewhat shifted to modern with these conversions but then that’s me, one foot in the past and one in the present, like a navy seal carrying a broadsword.  The effect of using the oversized weapons is to make the Lizardmen feel crazy strong like this chap mightily wielding a massive polystyrene boulder against the greatest actor in the world:

A Gorn from Star Trek The Original Series - and if by some miracle he happens to be reading, f*** you J.J. Abrams, or "The Butcher of Star Trek" as  I choose to refer to you as, although I am sure that will be changed to a more generic "The Butcher of the Stars" when you butcher Star Wars.

A Gorn from Star Trek The Original Series – and if by some miracle he happens to be reading, f*** you J.J. Abrams, or “The Butcher of Star Trek” as I choose to refer to you as, although I am sure that will be changed to a more generic “The Butcher of the Stars” when you butcher Star Wars.

I used the weapons, along with the hands in many cases.  There is a difference in size between the hands but I doubt you noticed that.  I opted to paint the flint stone weapons black and then highlight the extreme edges and gloss varnish the blade.  This is to give the impression of them being made of obsidian (volcanic glass) rather than stone.  And to finish up (and keep Cheetor happy) here is what they might look like in a skirmish based system:

Lizardmen in a dispersed formation more suited for Sci-Fi gaming

Lizardmen in a dispersed formation more suited for Sci-Fi gaming

So next up with these guys is to make them a movement tray and amalgamate them with their scaly brothers.  I may add some shields from the savage ork kit at a later time – did I mention how much I like that kit?



11 thoughts on “Cold Blooded Killers

  1. Great work, the Gorns look murderous!

    Apart from the synchronous right-foot-forward (something that I imagine is actually desirable in rank and file anyway) those old saurus are nice models. There is clear definition on the underbelly and face that I am keen on: they paint well, quickly.

    I have some of these Goloth lined up for ssssome sssspace lizzsssard ssssshenaniganssss:

    I may rip off your blue scheme I think, make them primitive and technologically advanced versions of the same species maybe. Could be a fun scenario hook sometime.

    That second Abrams movie is a shocker.

    More slann next or a return to Orkternia?

    1. Thanks Cheetor. Those Goloth are great models, I had seen them previously. They make for fine Tau auxilla types. I wanted to clear off the reptilians from the project heap so that I could work on some more Orkternians in preparation for the next big push :). I think it is high time to get moving on Trap-Gob and Zharrdork! I might paint a couple of cats also as I need to get large Panthor done also – dual use with the Slann army is a bonus.

  2. Superb! Nice to know the lizards went to a good home. They looks super fine dude.

    You and I should start the savage orc appreciation society.

    1. Cheers dude!

      They will be cherished and loved for many years to come. 😉

      I intend to use most of the Savage Orc kit probably without ever actually building a single Savage Orc such is it’s versatility!

  3. The unit really looks awesome. The obsidian weapons add a certain “over the top” to it and your colour choice reminds me of my first contact with miniature games: I had the Warhammer starter box and painted my first lizardmen in a similar scheme (however, I painted them pretty crappy then….) It is also very awesome that you put the Snakeman in there. Is this an Ophidian model from the old Rackham miniatures line?

    I could not agree more on the subject of Star Trek. I was very disappointed. They made Khan so lame.

    1. Cheers mate! Over the top is what those weapons are all right. 🙂

      The Snakeman is scuplted by Chaz Elliott:

      I had the Warhammer starter box in mind when I was picking colours for this unit. 😉 Gotta love that yellowish brown on the spear hafts combined with the blue, it’s pretty classic. Lizardmen only really got some good ‘Eavy Metal attention at the time of that starter boxed set.

  4. Really great unit ! I love it a lot, dark blades with bright handles is a nice contrast and the colour of the unit is just perfect ! The addd vines on the bases are nice.

    One little thing though, the snake man definitely is a great model but the difference in texture makes him look darker than the rest of his retinue which is kind of a pity, maybe some tribal markings could help him op out of the unit a bit more. Pardon this little remark I hope to be constructive enough because I genuinely think the whole band looks grand and will be even better when amongst the rest of the army.

    Oh and let’s not mention Starwars, we don’t want to start this conversation 😉

    1. Don’t mention the Star War 😉

      You know you are totally right, I couldn’t put my finger on it but the texture is causing it to look a little darker! I will have to go back over him and give him some more attention with the highlights.

      Cheers JB.

  5. Those are some hefty-looking hurt-sticks! The old Lizardmen look great. A shame I never really got any as I had no interest in them at the time. I really like the snakeman in therse as well, and agree that it really makes the unit something a bit extra-special (in addition to the Savage weapons!)

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