Halflequin Conversion

28mm, Sculpting, Warhammer 40K

This year at BOYL attendees got one of these models sculpted by Kev Adams.  This is a lovely limited edition model with bags of character and charm.

Boyldrick's original green by Kev Adams

Boyldrick’s original green by Kev Adams

When I got my copy of it and had a good look at it my brain immediately gravitated to the most novel and cool thing I could think of to do with it, which was to convert it into a character from the 40K universe.  This guy represents an illuminated ratling who hangs out with the Eldar Harlequins and runs the catering at any functions or events taking place in The Black Libray.

Halflequin FTW!

Halflequin FTW!


Good old limited edition models.  Best to chop these up as soon as you get them, the longer you leave the butchering the more morally outrageous it becomes ;).  This was a pretty complex conversion as they go what with the Harlequins kiss and all but worth the time spent I feel.  I have chosen to incorporate the original model’s hand over the easier option of using a hand from another model – mustn’t pollute the Kevness of the sculpt too much.  There is a tube from the bottom of the “mask” running underneath the hood, a gemstone on the belt sculpted on the front.  Pistol is from the vulnerably old Eldar weapons sprue.

This Halflequin has all the techno-trappings of his Eldar friends

This Halflequin has all the techno-trappings of his Eldar friends

On the back I sculpted on a Harlequin style backpack as well as that towel looking thing that Harleyquins keep handy on their belts for some inscrutable reason.

Next I need to work on the base for this chap.  I plan to incorporate the base with the “OLDHAMMER” and “2014” into the base for the model.  I think I can make that work, yeah no hassle!


All in all I am pleased with how this chap came out, I am sure it will be a pleasure getting some paint on him.  I freely admit that I always loved painting the Harleys.  The background for them and the associated models encourage you to get out of your comfort zone with the painting, that’s for sure.  Not exactly sure what he will end up looking like but I plan to go with the Foundry colours.


16 thoughts on “Halflequin Conversion

  1. Let me stand up and slowly applause !

    (Stands up and slowly claps)

    this is just brilliant, I totally agree with you about converting the model right away.
    The model in itself is already a conversion so converting a converted model has got to be right ! Making a Harlequin wannabe is th elast idea I would have thought of but bothe the concept and execution are excellent. I feel ashamed by my plain “stick model on base and paint” approach now…

    can’t wait to see him in all is multicoloured glory !

  2. Loving that. Making the goblin face into a mask shows a touch of demented genius. Will there be a single painted teardrop below one of the eyes? Harlequins go nuts for that kind of thing.

    1. Its got to be a Pierrot sort of vibe for the rather strange concept to pull together I would have thought. Although second guessing the machinations of theottovonbismark is a mugs game 😉

      1. Thanks Dave & Paul. The teardrop on the eye is a good idea as teary eyed halflings are a sort of antithesis to the happy go lucky halflings we are mostly familiar with. Harleys seem to look best when painted in a slightly Pierrot style. Hopefully I can get a touch of V for Vendetta in there as you suggested Paul.

  3. That is amazing in so many ways. An amazingly Baldrick-like original, an amazing butchery of a limited edition figure that will doubtless soon go for silly money on eBay, and amazing idea and an amazing conversion. I’m looking forward to the painted article too,

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