Southlander Dog of War

28mm, Fantasy, Warhammer Fantasy


A Perry Mounted Men at Arms combined with a Perry Mahdist Ansar head painted for the Fantasy 100 club on the Oldhammer forum.


I have been spending too long on painting recently so I set myself the challenge of painting this in one sitting to a good tabletop standard. Good way to test paint a figure when you are planning for an army I have found.


might do another 5 of these guys and add some kind of shield to them to Warhammer them up a little.  Historically shields were fairly old hat by the time armour of this style had developed as gunpowder weapons were a common thing by then.  Shields are a good way to bring some interesting animal print onto this model to reinforce the idea of him being a gent from the southlands of the Warhammer world.


BlackKnight4That’s all for now. 🙂


Tyranid Warrior with Deathspitter

28mm, Genestealers, Warhammer 40K



Recently painted for the Fantasy 100 Club on the Oldhammer board:

Tyranid Warrior Deathspitter 1


He is painted in the classic Genestealer colours so that he matches in with the cult guys visually.  The bright green is an excellent spot colour for the predominantly purple and blue scheme.  The eyes are also this green colour (bileious green).
Tyranid Warrior Deathspitter 2


He is painted in a quick drybrush and ink style for the most part.

Tyranid Warrior Deathspitter 3