Tyranid Warrior with Deathspitter

28mm, Genestealers, Warhammer 40K



Recently painted for the Fantasy 100 Club on the Oldhammer board:

Tyranid Warrior Deathspitter 1


He is painted in the classic Genestealer colours so that he matches in with the cult guys visually.  The bright green is an excellent spot colour for the predominantly purple and blue scheme.  The eyes are also this green colour (bileious green).
Tyranid Warrior Deathspitter 2


He is painted in a quick drybrush and ink style for the most part.

Tyranid Warrior Deathspitter 3

6 thoughts on “Tyranid Warrior with Deathspitter

  1. Nice one! I have a couple of these from Advanced Space Crusade days that will eventually get repainted. Just waiting to be reunited with the box. The base is nice indeed, hand-sculpted?

    1. Cheers Subedai. The base is actually a resin one I picked up in a games shop in Warsaw, presumably locally made. It looks a little like bodies getting broken down by some kind of hive fleet enzymes, slightly suggestive of the inside of a hive ship perhaps. I plan to base my other space crusade nids similarly.

    1. Thanks Suber. I love the original stealer colour scheme so much I always meant to get around to painting a warrior like one, it’s rewarding to finally get around to it after 20 years or so :)!

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