28mm, Old Worlder Mercenaries, Warhammer Fantasy

A mercenary cavalry patrol.  This company has it’s origins in Estalia.


The unit was made from the European Men at Arms plastics from the Perry Twins with some Citadel Empire Militia heads added in 2 cases.

Although this type of armour would not have included a shield, this being Warhammer we add one.  The shield is great for giving the unit some visual punch which is important for showy troops like knights.  I have left the barding off these knights as I expect that would be the first thing you would sell if you were a knight down on his luck.

Knights Front

Knights RearKnights in Wedge


10 thoughts on “Freelancers

  1. Very cool, the bold application of the red and yellow stripes really paid off. I always wanted to do Estalians, but never got any further than stashing away some of Pirazzo’s Lost Legion.

  2. Those are beautiful! The colour combination works perfectly, they absolutely look like hardened mercenaries showing off and ready for battle. Well done!

  3. Great unit, loads of character. The striped lances are excellent, how did you get such a nice result? Any trickery, or just deft brushwork?

    1. Thanks Dave. The real reason is that Striped lances are not as bad as they seem to paint. Mistakes tend to blend into the effect – the same is not true of the shields, they are done using masking tape.

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