Old Worlder Mercenaries – Handgunners

28mm, Fantasy, Old Worlder Mercenaries, Warhammer Fantasy

Gunners Front

These guys are made from Perry twins European Mercenaries plastic boxed set mixed in with 5 old Grenadier models, still available from Mirlton.

Gunners Elevation

Gunners Side

Gunners Rear

I went for an Ultramarines Blue and white (over Elf Gray) colour scheme as I wanted forgiving colours to paint that stand out on a green tabletop.  I have kept the colour scheme very tight as I wanted to blend miniature designs from 2 different sources.  As it turns out the 2 sources play very nicely together in terms of scale.  Both models have integrated bases so they both ended up standing at approximately the same levels as illustrated below.

Gunners in line formation


7 thoughts on “Old Worlder Mercenaries – Handgunners

  1. Lovely bit of work there old chap. Very nice indeed. When shall we see them on the field?

  2. Very nice, I’ve been waiting for some news on your Dogs of War. Exciting project and off to a great start. That Perry set is really amazing in terms of sculpt quality and value for money.

    1. Thanks Subedai. The Perry stuff also has wonderful and diverse gear options on each boxed set. The fact that the different historical periods can mix and match parts is a big bonus for the kitbasher who wants to make exotic troop types. I have a unit of Bretonain foot knights and a cannon up for the next additions.

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