Hello Sailork!

28mm, Genestealers, Orks, Sculpting, Space Orks, Warhammer 40K

I made this nautically themed Hybork for the Oldhamer Legacy Crew 2015.

His name is Pop-eye the Sailork, credit for his naming go’s to Niibl on the Oldhammer forum.

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Most of him is my sculpt – with the exceptions being the weapons and one hand which came form the Citadel Space Ork ranges.

His armament is deliberately Oldhammeresque, being armed with the original plastic Space Orks chiansword and a 3rd Edition Brian Nelson chainsword.

13 thoughts on “Hello Sailork!

  1. Looking great !

    “Space ! Exciting and new !
    Coma aboard ! We’re expecting youuuuuu !
    Space, Life’s sweetest reward ! Let it flow ! It flows back to youuuu!
    The Spaaaaaace huuuulk, soon will be making another run…”

  2. sculpts look brill. Will have to have a long hard look at my lead mountain and convince myself I can make one more purchase as they are too good to miss!

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