Dark Elf Death Dealer on Doomsteed

Dark Elves, Warhammer Fantasy

Leading the Dark Elves to war we have this chap, a “Death Dealer”, a medium strength hero.


He is made from a Cold One Rider Champion, sculpted by Aly Morrison.ย  I have stuck him on an Empire horse body with metal Chaos Steed head.

With the same black, red, steel, gold scheme of the Dark Elf Warriors the army is going to look very tight on the table.



I am not using any highlights on the black, rather I am using a gloss acrylic on the black armour bits, a matt varnish on the horse.



The skin and red elements are shaded and highlighted as normal and the steel/gold elements are edge highlighted. The hair is just brightly painted and washed with crimson.


It’s important for this to be a quick effective paint job that I can repeat to get the army done quickly and also look pretty neat on the table.

12 thoughts on “Dark Elf Death Dealer on Doomsteed

  1. Abosultely love it, and you are really making some progress. Amazing what a little gloss will do on the armor. And I think you have evoked Frazetta’s Death Dealer here if you intended to or not. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I see what you mean about the Frazetta :), I wasn’t thinking of him specificaly but that knights is permanently burned into the retinas. There is probably some Elric of Melnibonea in there also! Gloss is good!

  2. He looks proper badass. Those shields are so great. I’m really enjoying seeing this army come together. I look forward to playing against it!

  3. You’re interpretation of how DE should look is right on the money. I think if your DE army is going to develop along these lines it’ll look absolutely killa when it’s done!

    Love the subtle conversion & paint job for this guy. I’ll be copying some of the speed painting methods to get my mounted Chaos dudes done too.

    Awesome stuff Mr Otto ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks Papafakis, very kind of you to say so. Funnily enough, come to think on it the first time I ever say Dark Elves models they were Mengrils Marauders, the guy had just painted them all black and painted some of the metals and the flesh, it probably burned in the association with BLACK in the first moment! It really works on them though. I don’t think I can take another bloody purple Dark Elf army either. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Great work, black lacquered (gloss) armour always looks good, and your results are very nice indeed, especially if it is quick to boot. This should make for a very impressive army when done. I also agree black is a better choice than purple gold and silver.

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