Dark Riders

Dark Elves, Warhammer Fantasy

Dark Riders

I have recently added some light cavalry to the force for some mobility and firepower on the flanks.  I prefer lighter cavalry for the Dark Elves as it fits with my vision of their ambush oriented hit and run style tactics.


Dark Riders

The models are from Marauder miniatures, except for what I assume is a drow from the D&D range – he is a cool sculpt anyway.

Leading them we have a Lv 10. Witch-Helm riding a Cold One.




The force is shaping up nicely now.  A couple of more units and it will be a rounded out fighting force.




Next we need to add some of the infamous Dark Elf Repeating Crossbows to this lot….until next time.

18 thoughts on “Dark Riders

  1. They look so… evil! I like the colour scheme a lot, dark and cold and vicious. They feel very much at home in bleak and harsh Naggaroth. I do have to disagree on one point though – wearing full armour and riding barded steeds, that’s hardly light cavalry, more like the clibanarii of Sassanid and late Roman armies.

    1. Thanks Subedai.

      Yes they are quite like ancient cataphracts, definite influence on the designs there.

      I take your point but would point out that these are intented as light cavalry as opposed to the fast cavalry (armour save no better than 5+ in Warhammer).

      The dark elves cavalry, light or heavy, never wore any heavy armour, but they did have access to barding.

      Being covered in mail I think it fits well with dark elves wanting to protect their precious selves, maintaining distance, using the un-heroic crossbow in ambush tactics and running away to ambush again. They won’t be chasing light cavalry, they will be shooting at it.

      I have some heavier cavalry for this force and some lighter cavalry to be the actual fast cavalry, so these ones occupy the middle ground in the force.

      As I intend on playing Dragon Rampant with them it’s very useful to have 3 different squads of 6 cavalry of different quality so I can represent the troop types on the table unambiguously for my opponent.

  2. These guys look great. Were these the original horses? I had totally forgotten that Dark Elves rode anything other than Cold Ones. I particularly like the leaders red eyes.

    1. Cheers Sean.

      They are the original in the sense that these were the horses made by Marauder miniatures, probably sculpted by Trish or possibly Aly (or both). There were not official Citadel dark elf horses until later editions although people often used the malnibonaen range of cavlary, or elf horses with the old cold one riders etc.

  3. You are really pounding through this force. They look positively malignant. I dig that Witch-Helm, he looks badass. I’m looking forward to crossing swords with them. Or taking a bolt in the back from 200 feet away.

    1. Thanks Dave :). It will be a laugh getting some games in with them. At least I am likely to be on the side of Evil in the big games so it’s slightly less likely I will feel the urge to xbow you in the back….slightly less likely.

  4. Wow thats an inspired hex base movement tray! I have been doing something like that for my AoS troops with round base movement trays! So i can move large number of units until they get into hand to hand! I may have to loot this idea for future indevours Mahahahaha! Thx 😀

    1. No worries, loot away.

      I am planning on using these guys in Age of Sigmar myself when I get around to playing it properly – I have only played one skirmish game of it with my buddy Cheetor from https://Sho3box.com. It will be 2nd Edition by the time I will be playing it seems. 🙂

  5. That unit is quite the achievement! It’s both well painted, and mind numbingly boring at the same time. Kudos to you sir!

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