Dark Elf Warband

28mm, Fantasy

It’s high time I took some pics of the Dark Elf Army Progress.  The force has been bolstered with the addition of some repeating crossbows and a Dark Elf Hydra.

Dark Elf Army Export 1600

Dark Elf Warband

The Hydra is a Grenadier model (and still available) but as my one had lost it’s tail I sculpted a stubby twin tail to replace it.

It will be fun to add some Witch Elves and more cavalry to this lot along with a sorceress to accompany the Witch Elves.

11 thoughts on “Dark Elf Warband

    1. Thank you very much. It was fun painting it what with the quick methods used in general to speed along the rank and file. Makes a welcome change of pace from a very painstaking slow painting for sure. Now that the core is there I can take my time with the witches etc.

  1. These look great Otto! I have a soft spot for dark elves of this era. The large shields boost the swordsmen up several notches. I would be delighted to meet these murderers on the rectangular field of battle.

  2. They are glorious buddy! Repeater crossbows are no joke. Been under a rain of them all weekend from Lope’s army. What special attack did you roll for the hydra?

  3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….those are the best painted dark elves I’ve ever done seen. Lurvly stuff Sean 🙂

  4. Lovely looking Dark Elves, it was a bitch to fight against Lopez’s last weekend. I have some in the pile, but they will have to wait their turn.

  5. Those are some mean looking raiders, despoiling the lands of the Lizardmen! I am looking forward to your Witch Elves. Are you using the Marauder sculpts?

    1. Hey Subedai, happy you like them. I have only the one Marauder witch elf model which will be included but I intend to mix in some other elf females and even some male elf (marauder assassins for one) , because there is no reason not to include them as far as this equal opportunities employer goes.
      I suspect that I will get to them in the new year now. The army needs at least another unit and some sort of spellcaster now. 🙂

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