Bizaza – Strong Spawn Guard Unit

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A unit of our own Katsina sculpts this time. The Bizaza Strong Spawn form the heavy infantry core of my own frogman army.

Bizaza Strong Spawn Heavy Infantry
Bizaza Strong Spawn – Right

Bizaza Strong Spawn – Rear

Bizaza Strong Spawn – Left

I built this banner from a pressmoulding of one of Doti’s shields, adding extra feathers, mounting it on a brass pole with some Green Stuff used to suggest the bamboo form. The warrior has had some minor conversion work to differentiate him from other versions of him in the unit. I choose a bright colour scheme for his uniform as I want him to draw attention as the focal point for the unit.

6 thoughts on “Bizaza – Strong Spawn Guard Unit

  1. Oh Otto. My wondrous fellow. What a superb unit. That banner is something else too. I look forward to seeing them in the flesh!

  2. Nice looking unit and cool banner. Also appreciate the sacrificial heads on the base, in case anyone thought this was a colourful and therefore cheery bunch. Nope, they are cold blooded killers. Putting me in the mood for trying some test paint scheme on my frogmen…

    1. Thanks Subedai. Stacks of heads seem to be important fashion accessories for the Slann :). That reminds me that I have to make a barbecue cart ;P. Hope I inspire you to put some paint on some frogs.

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