The Great Narwhal

Fantasy, Terrors from the Deep

I have another one of Doti’s sculpts to show you today from her forthcoming project, Terrors from the Deep.

The Great Narwhal is also known as the Narwhale and at times called the unicorn of the sea. It is one of the largest of the whale species, being at least 5 to 10 times as large as other whales. It is a largely benign species but will aggressively defend itself if anything is foolish enough to attack it when it surfaces to breathe.

The spiral horn, which grows magically from a tooth, measures several meters in length and is said to possess many wondrous transformative properties by alchemists. It is said to be worth more than 100 times it’s weight in gold which has tempted many a foolish whaler, and many a foolish whaler has been sent to the bottom of the drink, ships hull pierced with the mighty horn. The ancient high sea kings of the north were said to sit on thrones carved from the horn of Great Narwhals.

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