Epic 40k Evil Sunz Clan

40K Epic Scale, Orks

Following on from my previous post about the Snake Bite Clan, I present to you my recently completed Evil Sunz orks for Epic 40,000.


The Evil Sunz are one of the 2 ork clans that fulfill the role of mechanized infantry in the Ork army list as they come with attached battlewagons – the other mechanized infantry company is the Blood Axe Clan which comes with attached Rhinos. Being attached to the core clan means that they don’t tie up one of the 5 valuable support choice slots which is handy if you want to load up on fast stuff like vehicles.

The Evil Sunz Clan

The core of the force consists of the clan of 15 boyz stands with 5 attached battlewagons as transportation accompanied by 3 stands of nobz with their own battlewagon.

The bikes and buggies can either be taken as support choices for the core clan or alternatively they can be fielded as a standalone Kult of Speed clan.

The Kult of Speed

A scratch built Skullhamma Battlefortress can transport up to 5 stands of infantry if any of the ladz get stranded. It triples it’s move on a charge so it can keep pace with the faster battlewagons. All round armour makes it ideal for flanking charges and the 2 battlecannon can punch big holes in things reasonably accurately at a decent range.

Converted Plastic Battlewagons and Skullhamma

I like how the big model in there gives the whole clan a nice visual focus point and stops the force looking too flat.

A flanking force consisting of a Kult of Speed with a Skullhamma Battlefortress in support
Evil Sunz clan quickly seize the hill supported by a Skullhamma Battlefortress

I would like to add some more vehicles to the clan at a later date, perhaps some Spleenrippas or some more battlewagons. They will probably get a Slasha gargant for the Evil Sunz and a Mekboy gargant for the Kult of Speed as their Clan Totem vehicle. For the moment it’s time to work on finishing off another Ork clan so I can get the army into decent shape. So it’s Bad Moons next.

WIP – Skullhamma Battlefortress
WIP – Battlewagons

9 thoughts on “Epic 40k Evil Sunz Clan

  1. Very nice mate – great to see those conversions in there, especially the Battlefortress… I always appreciate a good bit of Toyhammer πŸ™‚

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