Plastic Chaos Warrior of Tzeentch

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Next up is this plastic Chaos Warrior.

He is a chunky plastic sculpt from Citadel, made during the middle-ish period of Warhammer.

Chaos Warrior

He was quite fun to paint. I used a combination of contrast paint and traditional highlighting to paint him fairly quickly.

These guys came monopose, in plastic boxed sets. I have added a more modern plastic shield from a later edition of plastic chaos warrior.

He makes for the 3rd member of the warband. Looking forward to adding some more knights to this lot.

5 thoughts on “Plastic Chaos Warrior of Tzeentch

  1. Great work on this chunky relic. I’m liking your take on the use of contrast combined with traditional highlighting, it works well. What was the base colour before you added the contrast?

    1. Good question. It was the old Blue Grey colour from the Space Marine citadel paint set. Essentially the shade colour of Space Wolves. The next one I try will be a lighter Horizon Blue as the base colour as I would like to lighten the effect a bit more.

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