Dog Helmeted Chaos Warrior

28mm, Fantasy, Warhammer Fantasy

This one is a metal chaos warrior which has had hand/weapon swap as the original sword bearing hand was no aligned to the far too small blade. The fact that it looks so off makes me suspect it was broken and repaired during the mould making process by an inexpert hand.

Dog Helmeted Chaos Warrior

I chopped off the offending hand at the wrist and replaced it with one cut from the 5th Edition plastic multi part chaos warriors. They are quite close in form to the old metal chaos warriors even if the poses are a bit rigid, they are actually good pieces for converting the old metal chaos warriors.

Dog Helmeted Chaos Warrior – Rear

I painted this one quicker than any other yet, refining the approach to streamline it so that I get the look I want with the minimum of work.

I am finding that using a very pale blue as the base colour for the thinned contrast paint wash seems to get most of the look I want the quickest. I think I am confident now that I can paint a small batch of them to completion without loosing focus due to burnout.

The Tzeentch Warband

The team is growing slowly and satisfactorily. They should make for a striking force on the tabletop once I increase the numbers of warriors.

5 thoughts on “Dog Helmeted Chaos Warrior

  1. The Contrast paints experimentation continues. These past few CW’s that you’ve been painting are looking great! I actually converted this CW the same way you have, except I used the sword arm from the plastic set instead of the mace. The original sword is pretty pathetic looking… self respecting CW would go on a rampage with the measly toothpick that he came with.

    I really like the blue effect you’re getting with the pale blue basecoat beforehand. I think I might try this technique with some of the other colours in the Contrast range too and see what effects I can come up with.

    Well done Sean 🙂

    1. Cheers Papafakis. Pale pastel colours seem to be working well for me. I expect that the approach will generalise – I will try the Slanneshi guys with a similar approach based off a pale pink eventually.


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