Bubbles and his Giant Spiders

28mm, Bizaza, Frog People, Slann, Warhammer Fantasy
Warhammer Armies 3rd Edition Slann Animal Handlers

Bubbles the spider trainer commands some of the most fearsome fighters in the army by use of special control crystals implanted into the spiders heads by means of some techno-magical secrets known only to the spider trainer cult.

Bubbles with a quartet of giant spiders

These spiders are two different sculpts of a giant spider by Doti for Katsina miniatures. She has managed to combine some cute features with some real menace – the large size of the models helps in this regards.

I have painted them with very bright threat style markings that warn other creatures that this creature is deadly. It can afford to advertise it’s presence so any other creatures better watch out!

Bubbles is of course also one of Doti’s sculpts. He has been designed alongside the spiders and shares some of their creepy cute menace vibe. They are no slackers on the tabletop so far and have already sacked the shrine of Rigg at BOYL 2019. I expect great things from my spider force going forward and will probably have to get Doti to make some more of them as they are such great fun easy models to paint.

8 thoughts on “Bubbles and his Giant Spiders

  1. Can I call giant spiders cute? ‘Cause they’re cute. Well played! And painted. 🙂

  2. Another great unit. Those spiders are adorably terrifying. You have a sumptuous slann army.

  3. I do love me some giant spiders. I have the Heresy one but haven’t started her yet (obviously it’s a her)! These look great, the colours are well done. Heck I’ll need more for a proper swarm anyway!

    1. Thank you. Doti made some tiny ones also for swarm duties. I am going to have to paint up a few bases to include as a monstrous host. They will be in production pretty soon so I will have the opportunity to cast up a load of them.

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