Plastic Chaos Warrior of Tzeentch

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Next up is this plastic Chaos Warrior.

He is a chunky plastic sculpt from Citadel, made during the middle-ish period of Warhammer.

Chaos Warrior

He was quite fun to paint. I used a combination of contrast paint and traditional highlighting to paint him fairly quickly.

These guys came monopose, in plastic boxed sets. I have added a more modern plastic shield from a later edition of plastic chaos warrior.

He makes for the 3rd member of the warband. Looking forward to adding some more knights to this lot.

Chaos Knight of Tzeentch

28mm, Fantasy, Warhammer Fantasy

Mounted Chaos Warrior

This classic Citadel chaos knight is mounted on an original plastic Citadel white horse with some extra green stuff modification. They are pretty basic designs but make for a good base for some additional embellishment.

Chaos Knight – Right
Chaos Knight – Left

I have kept the colours to match with an earlier Chaos Warrior with plans to build a small warband out of them as I go.

My mighty horde of chaos

Katsina Cat


This one is very special as it is the first sculpture of our company logo for Katsina Miniatures, created by Doti.

The Katsina Miniatures Cat

This is the painted master casting but this miniature will be sent to our Bizaza Enslaver Cohort Kickstarter backers as a bonus mini early this year.

The intention is for us to create these Katsina cats alongside each major project. There is already one sculpted for the Sea Monsters which we plan to launch this summer (once the existing Kickstarter is fulfilled of course).

It was very enjoyable to paint, especially the fish – not a subject that comes up that often in miniatures. Perhaps we need to think about sculpting a range of fishy people!

Abrakadarkelf – Dark Elf Sorcerer

28mm, Dark Elves, Warhammer Fantasy

The dark elves need some magic users to support their nefarious doings and my force is no exception. I have a couple of sorceresses lined up to do the heavy lifting there, but what about the low level magical stuff that the senior magic users can’t be bothered with. That level 5 magic user who exists only to wield a dispel scroll.

Dark Elves L to R: Warrior with Repeating Crossbow, Witch Elf, Sorcerer, Warrior

I have added some elf ears to this classic Hero Quest Wizard to create my low level sorceror……Abrakadarkelf.


He is of course based on the character of Abracadaniel from the excellent Adventure Time TV Show.

Abracadaniel from the Adventure Time TV Show

He has been painted fairly simply using GW Contrast paints for the most part with some highlights on the top.

Abrakadarkelf – Rear

I am happy with this guy as his pathos of essentially being a nice guy who works for dark elves will surely serve to bring guffaws to the games.

Hi Mum!

Epic 40k Evil Sunz Clan

40K Epic Scale, Orks

Following on from my previous post about the Snake Bite Clan, I present to you my recently completed Evil Sunz orks for Epic 40,000.


The Evil Sunz are one of the 2 ork clans that fulfill the role of mechanized infantry in the Ork army list as they come with attached battlewagons – the other mechanized infantry company is the Blood Axe Clan which comes with attached Rhinos. Being attached to the core clan means that they don’t tie up one of the 5 valuable support choice slots which is handy if you want to load up on fast stuff like vehicles.

The Evil Sunz Clan

The core of the force consists of the clan of 15 boyz stands with 5 attached battlewagons as transportation accompanied by 3 stands of nobz with their own battlewagon.

The bikes and buggies can either be taken as support choices for the core clan or alternatively they can be fielded as a standalone Kult of Speed clan.

The Kult of Speed

A scratch built Skullhamma Battlefortress can transport up to 5 stands of infantry if any of the ladz get stranded. It triples it’s move on a charge so it can keep pace with the faster battlewagons. All round armour makes it ideal for flanking charges and the 2 battlecannon can punch big holes in things reasonably accurately at a decent range.

Converted Plastic Battlewagons and Skullhamma

I like how the big model in there gives the whole clan a nice visual focus point and stops the force looking too flat.

A flanking force consisting of a Kult of Speed with a Skullhamma Battlefortress in support
Evil Sunz clan quickly seize the hill supported by a Skullhamma Battlefortress

I would like to add some more vehicles to the clan at a later date, perhaps some Spleenrippas or some more battlewagons. They will probably get a Slasha gargant for the Evil Sunz and a Mekboy gargant for the Kult of Speed as their Clan Totem vehicle. For the moment it’s time to work on finishing off another Ork clan so I can get the army into decent shape. So it’s Bad Moons next.

WIP – Skullhamma Battlefortress
WIP – Battlewagons

Frogcats and Trainer

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These are the master castings of Doti’s Frog Cat sculpts. Unfortunately the red one had a miscast ear, so we need to get him remastered before a production mould can be made for them. Frustrating as the other ones all came out perfectly. In this case as the ear was made from relatively soft green stuff it happened to collapse under the high pressure of the vulcanising press. Nothing for it but to rework the master again and make another master mould which all adds time to the process.

I got Doti to re-sculpt the ear on this master casting to match with the original so that we can at least paint the set to get some painted up for photos.


They are a cool looking bunch of cats. I like that each of them has a very distinct personality – just like real cats.


Sea Reiver Raid, Rivers Run Red

28mm, Bizaza, Dark Elves, Fantasy, Slann, Warhammer Fantasy

Recently I have made some new additions to my growing 3rd Edition Warhammer Slann army project.

I managed to paint up many copies of my own Bizaza blowpipe trooper sculpt and added in a couple of the vintage Perry Twins sculpted Citadel Slann models to break the monopose up a bit.

The colour scheme is straight outta Warhammer Armies ;P

I got the enthusiasm to finally finish off 5 Bob Naismith sculpted cold one riders. The riders themselves are Trish Carden sculpts, although I think the leader, who is a 40k Slann, might be a Perry.

Bull Slann Riders

I have heavily modified the basic cold one by adding on a fur saddle, an idea coming from Steve Beales blog. This helps me to fit the rather oddly posed riders on convincingly. That era of Slann were designed with wide open leg stances to be used as either riders or foot infantry. I also added a banner pole onto the back using brass tubing and brass wire to detail. Finished by sculpting a feather onto the top. The banner bearer is done similarly. Shields have had feathers sculpted on also. I made the long spears using brass rod, with some green stuff to simulate bamboo. The spear head is from an old Slann spear top.

Here we see our lady elf from the recent #makeatrish painting competition recently on one of the popular Oldhammer friendly Facebook groups.

Dark Elves are expert sea raiders, marching up the beach in a tight protective armoured formation, supported by fast firing repeater crossbowmen who use the main block for cover

Fast moving armoured missile cavalry

Dark Elf beach head
Cold ones surge forth in a frenzy
Bull Slann Rider Champion
Bull Slann Riders with Standard
Citadel Perry Slann
Jungle Warfare
The Venom Tribe
El Jefe waits for his moment….
….and strikes
Hail to the King Baby!

The Great Narwhal

Fantasy, Terrors from the Deep

I have another one of Doti’s sculpts to show you today from her forthcoming project, Terrors from the Deep.

The Great Narwhal is also known as the Narwhale and at times called the unicorn of the sea. It is one of the largest of the whale species, being at least 5 to 10 times as large as other whales. It is a largely benign species but will aggressively defend itself if anything is foolish enough to attack it when it surfaces to breathe.

The spiral horn, which grows magically from a tooth, measures several meters in length and is said to possess many wondrous transformative properties by alchemists. It is said to be worth more than 100 times it’s weight in gold which has tempted many a foolish whaler, and many a foolish whaler has been sent to the bottom of the drink, ships hull pierced with the mighty horn. The ancient high sea kings of the north were said to sit on thrones carved from the horn of Great Narwhals.

Bizaza – Strong Spawn Guard Unit

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A unit of our own Katsina sculpts this time. The Bizaza Strong Spawn form the heavy infantry core of my own frogman army.

Bizaza Strong Spawn Heavy Infantry
Bizaza Strong Spawn – Right

Bizaza Strong Spawn – Rear

Bizaza Strong Spawn – Left

I built this banner from a pressmoulding of one of Doti’s shields, adding extra feathers, mounting it on a brass pole with some Green Stuff used to suggest the bamboo form. The warrior has had some minor conversion work to differentiate him from other versions of him in the unit. I choose a bright colour scheme for his uniform as I want him to draw attention as the focal point for the unit.