Prototype Painted 10mm Fantasy Aztec Frogman Eagle Warrior Warband

10mm, Fantasy, Frog Men, Sculpting

Here are some snaps of the finished prototype test run painted and based.  I was originally planning to base all 8 of them together but decided against that for a number of reasons other than just wanting to use them as a 2 base unit for games this weekend.  The models are easier for me to appraise not bunched up on the base.  The real Aztec eagle warriors fought in a fairly loose order as befits their individual fighting style and the nature of the jungle terrain they operated in.  The macuahuitl swords need a bit of room to be swung.  More than enough reason for me to put 4 to a base and add in some blue stones and fake bushes.

Not too shabby from such an error laden prototype!

WIP: Prototype Painted 10mm Fantasy Aztec Frogman Eagle Warrior

10mm, Fantasy, Frog Men, Sculpting

Pictures of painted lead castings from the Eagle Warrior proto-sculpt.  The idea here is to give me a better appreciation of the work done on sculpt.  Mistakes are gonna be made and lessons learned.  Best to get figures sculpted, cast and painted in quickish iterations.  I can improve my skill and understanding that go’s into the whole process end to end this way.