Urbat the Sheildbearer

28mm, Bizaza, Frog People, Sculpting

Finished off the 5th of 6 sculpts for the Kickstarter, Urbat the Shieldbearer.

I have kept him pretty free of equipment for the most part so he should be good for interesting body paint or skin patterns.  He is not socketed for weapon swaps but I anticipate I will be giving a version of him a pistol and power glove in a later edition.


Photo-0028 - Copy


Photo-0026 - Copy

Bizaza Guard – Frog People Kickstarter

28mm, Bizaza, Frog People


We launched our Kickstarter today for the Bizaza, here is the link:



There are 6 models in total for the Kickstarter, but I hope to increase this with stretch goals to at least 7 with alternate weapons on 3 of the models.


Currently 3 are done with 3 to finish over the next week or 2.  This is what a set looks like: