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Kwinik the Shieldbearer

Posted in 28mm, Bizaza, Frog People, Sculpting on June 14, 2016 by theottovonbismark

The 6th sculpt from the Kickstarter.





Weapon and shield was done by the missus again.

The full Bizaza Guard set

The full Bizaza Guard set


Urbat the Sheildbearer

Posted in 28mm, Bizaza, Frog People, Sculpting on May 11, 2016 by theottovonbismark

Finished off the 5th of 6 sculpts for the Kickstarter, Urbat the Shieldbearer.

I have kept him pretty free of equipment for the most part so he should be good for interesting body paint or skin patterns.  He is not socketed for weapon swaps but I anticipate I will be giving a version of him a pistol and power glove in a later edition.


Photo-0028 - Copy


Photo-0026 - Copy

Heavy Halberdier – Bizaza Frog People Kickstarter

Posted in 28mm, Bizaza, Fantasy, Frog People, Sculpting on April 21, 2016 by theottovonbismark
Team Bizaza

Team Bizaza

Finished off the 4th sculpt for our Kickstarter currently running, Croatyl the Halberdier.



Because you need a big weapon if your neighborhood includes big lizards!

Croatyl the Halberdier

Croatyl the Halberdier


Croatyl - rear detail

Croatyl – rear detail


Of course he is getting an alternate weapon option… 😉



Hello Sailork!

Posted in 28mm, Genestealers, Orks, Sculpting, Space Orks, Warhammer 40K with tags , on December 10, 2015 by theottovonbismark

I made this nautically themed Hybork for the Oldhamer Legacy Crew 2015.

His name is Pop-eye the Sailork, credit for his naming go’s to Niibl on the Oldhammer forum.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Most of him is my sculpt – with the exceptions being the weapons and one hand which came form the Citadel Space Ork ranges.

His armament is deliberately Oldhammeresque, being armed with the original plastic Space Orks chiansword and a 3rd Edition Brian Nelson chainsword.

Project Hybork

Posted in 28mm, Casting, Orc, Orks, Sculpting, Space Orks, Uncategorized, Warhammer 40K with tags , , , , on November 17, 2015 by theottovonbismark

This is my own sculpting with the hands chopped off and replaced with weapon hands taken from GW Ork plastic kits.


They are compatible with standard ork/ork fittings and are multi part models with separate legs, arms and heads.

I plan to do a private crowd commissioned casting run for these guys soon, organised via Facebook.  Let me know if you are interested in getting in on the action.


The Armour of the Moon

Posted in 28mm, Sculpting, Slann, Space Slann, Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy with tags on December 4, 2014 by theottovonbismark

Back in March Axoim via the Oldhammer forum came up with the idea of running a challenge where people would paint a single model under a common theme and then the entire collection of figures would be awarded randomly to one of the participants.  The theme was basically a force of multi-racial lawful warriors sworn to seek out and destroy the forces of chaos.  The name for this warband, “The Dogs of Law”.

I duly volunteered to paint up a Slann for this, someone gotta represent for the frog people, can’t have the dry skins getting all the glory!

The simple approach would be to just paint up a suitable Slann model from my collection but being me I can’t just take a simple approach, ideas come and demand expression or they will just bounce around in my head irritatingly for years.  The idea which appealed to me the most was one rooted firmly in proper Warhammer cannon.


Antiriad is a corruption of Anti-Rad suit

The Slann of the Warhammer world are the remnants of a once mighty spacefaring species and so I wanted to create a character which gives a tip of the hat to all that jazz.  There were a couple of notable influences on this, Homer Simpson and the old computer game The Sacred Armour of Antiriad.

In rod we trust

In rod we trust

So that leads to this chap who is based off an old Eagle Warrior from 3rd Edition Warhammer:

Slann Power Suit Conversion

Slann Power Suit Conversion

Side and rear detail

Side and rear detail

“Moixa’remoh was once a humble servant of the Temple of the Moon at a time when the temple was set upon by raiders, devoted to the chaos god Tzeentch. During the course of the battle a great miscast of magical energies by the chaotic sorcerers directed at the temple had the curious effect of reactivating the warp reactor of an artefact of incalculable age.  As a high Slann artefact, it was much more than a mere machine.  The suit was symbiotic,  autonomous and intelligent and aware of the impending threat.  It reached out to the closest Slann mind, the mind of the servant Moixa’remoh who was drawn to it, and into it, bonding with the spirit of the suit.  A new prime operational directive was instated, enforce order, annihilate chaos…”

The Armour of the Moon

The Armour of the Moon

The colour choice for this one was to be more or less limited to olive and bone.  I wanted the suit to look ancient so I used a good deal of weathering on it with the exception of the mysterious glowing green weapons, the gold visor and the edge where the visor would have been clamped shut for aeons.

Rear details

Rear details

Right side

Right side

Left side

Left side



It is a space suit after all :)

It is a space suit after all 🙂

Now don’t forget who’s planet this is!


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Finally finished the Halflequin paint job, huzzah!  This model took a fair bit of effort to get it to this level of finish but I think you may agree that the concept is worth the effort.  I think that I have managed to incorporate the Foundry colours nicely on the model which was the only colour constraint I set myself on this project.

This is a cool little sculpt that was a pleasure to hack up and remodel into this fun little guy.

Thanks for sculpting him Kev Adams!

The Halflequin

A Halflequin





And how small is this small person you may ask? Well he is this small.

And how small is this small person you may ask? This small.