Hybork with Powerklaw

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Here we have another Hybork, this time armed with a powerklaw from the GW Ork Nobz plastic set as well as a missile pod from the GW Ork Lootaz set.


I currently am in the process of ordering another run of these Hybork 32 piece sets, so if you are interested in getting yourself a set let me know soon and I should be able to sort you out.  You can find out more here: Project Hybork on Facebook.


I have retained the classic colour scheme for this one with little use of green colour.  The Iron Jaw serves as a cyber replacement, so I took the opportunity to cover it in some blood.


I have been experimenting using Army Painter Purple Tone and Blue Tone to smooth out the contrasting highlights, using it mixed with Air Caste Thinner to dilute the glaze.  I find them to be fantastic products that give a nice streak free finish.


Lots of use of Army Painter Dark Tone and Green Tone especially on the powerklaw.  The copper areas also got some Citadel Verdigris on it as well as Ryza Rust and Flesh Wash.


Now the family photo looks like this.



Bizaza Strong Spawn

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So I made these guys with the help of my missus, who made the weapons and many of the details, the talent of this woman is pretty obvious when you consider that these are the first pieces she has made.  There are another 4 WIP, but they are not ready for their close ups :).


Bizaza Strong Spawn

We will get these guys and their 4 buddies finished and run a quick funding campaign to get them made and sent out to interested parties.

I have set up a Facebook group to manage updates etc.  Please join us at:




Strong Spawn with Double Handed Axe


Strong Spawn with Double Handed Axe rear details


View of the shield face


Fish Slap

Project Hybork

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This is my own sculpting with the hands chopped off and replaced with weapon hands taken from GW Ork plastic kits.


They are compatible with standard ork/ork fittings and are multi part models with separate legs, arms and heads.

I plan to do a private crowd commissioned casting run for these guys soon, organised via Facebook.  Let me know if you are interested in getting in on the action.



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Zardoz (1974)  is one of those movies that burned itself into my mind as a kid and it is not difficult to imagine why with imagery like this…






…Sean Connery in a wedding dress, yes indeed.

Expurgation of something like this from my mind calls for my calls for some Warhammer 40,000 catharsis.




Zardork has been built using the Savage Orc plastics from Games Workshop.  The base is a (edit, thanks Cheetor)30mm round base from EM4 miniatures and was kindly donated by Cheetor over at Sho3box, cheers dude!  The 30mm is a good fit for the wide stances of some of the models from the kit.  I hacked off any extraneous details from the model, reposed it and then did some green stuff sculpting to get him to look like Sean Connery in one of the most bizzare costumes in cinema history.  The gun is from the plastic Necromunda Goliath gangers in case you were wondering.



He is wearing a big ass ring which although not in the image above is from the movie none the less.  You will just have to watch the bugger if you want to know what that is about, perhaps more than once!  The ring is real plastic, just like the movie.





A WIP of the build:



He took me a fair while to make, but I think he was worth the effort.  Naturally now I feel the need to make an orky version of one of these for him to ride around in:


…and I’m spent. 😉

Battle Company WIP

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Battle Company infantry is starting to take shape. I have gotten into a flow with painting the marines now getting the bulk of the work completed on the assault and tactical detachments. They just need some armour highlights and detailing now really.

Battle Company

Battle Company – still minus 10 Rhinos!

Warhamster! Well that is what I would have called it….Part 2

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And that is as far as we got with this game before it fell apart due to our general frustration with understanding this rule set.  I am convinced that there is indeed a game to be had here but we are struggling to find it.  Warmaster seems to be the kind of game you have to play in a large group of gamers in order to get some general house rules consensus on how the hell it is actually supposed to run.  We found the rules about pushing units back due to missile fire to be silly frankly.  Archers and war machines are basically the same thing to this gamers mind with the exception of a tiny bit of range.  When you are moving in such grand sweeping motions the extra 10cm of the Elf bolt throwers seems to be utter pants to my mind.  Why would I not just take some faster and more solid archers?  I am probably just not getting this game which is a pity as I have great respect for Rick Priestly’s stuff over the years.  I feel that I need to have a copy of the rules without all the fluff crap so that I can read the damn things quickly in the heat of a battle to learn the game in the first place.  Well over half of the text is fluff to explain where they are coming from design wise.  This should be in italic or differentiated from the important text in some way so I don’t have to keep reading it again and again.  In addition to the large volume of text in the main rules there are a load of Q&A’s in Warmaster magazine which I would be expected to read to clarify the damn game.  This game is starting to feel like way too much effort for our needs.  We don’t play it all the time and so forget stuff which takes time to look up in the wordy text meaning less time enjoying playing toy soldiers.  Perhaps if we lived in Nottingham and gamed in a big group we might get some reward from this system but as it stands the barrier for entry is set too high.  There is no way that I can sell this to my other gaming buddies with my current understanding of the rules, they will just give up in frustration.

For me the Warmaster game algorithm basically runs like:

  1. Set up troops in whatever fashion, it largely matters little as one can usually redeploy like an Elf catcher in Blood Bowl – unless you balls up a command roll.
  2. Try to get enough of them moving in the direction of the enemy before I mess up a command roll.
  3. One they are in range of anything, charge into combat (always with all heroes preferably with terrifying monster and magic weapon – more the merrier).  The key thing here is jumping on the enemy with your demigods before she does the same to you.
  4. Effectively lose control of my troops as combat seems to be a matter of following a rules flowchart with some dice rolling thrown in.
  5. Try to make sense of the inevitable mess that ensues and go back to step 2 ad nauseam.

If you are reading this and get and love Warmaster and think I am being a prat about it fair enough.  This is not meant to be a review of the system just a very subjective opinion based on effort to play it.  If you get great pleasure from this game then I am honestly very happy that you do.  I really wanted to get this working but have failed on every attempt.  It’s not like I am new to this wargaming as I have played most of the GW systems since 1st edition RT was young.

Our next action will be to try out the Kings of War rules using the lovely Warmaster models as they look awesome and it would be a shame to not game with them.  Kings of War is penned by Allesio Cavatore who was involved in Warmaster’s design.  It seems like a much simpler system, a framework which I can use to build on.  I want to be able to create interesting story driven scenarios involving lots of models that play quickly.  It seems like they have the abstractions of reality in the correct places to allow a large battle game to resolve speedily whilst having sufficient scope for character.  Well we will see how that turns out next week!