First Necrons off the Line

Necrons, Warhammer 40K

Some pictures of my Necron warband project.  First completed unit and a test piece using HeroQuest Skeletons.  I had never known what to do with those rather over the top skeleton models until this project.  The goofy over the top grim reaper kind of works for me given the B-Movie-esque nature of the figures.

Necron Test Piece – or should I say Chaos Android?



This is a test piece for the less then 20 or so Necrons I am planning on churning out in the nearish future inspired by sho3box’s recent post.

All this Necron painting is stirring up the various Oddboyz drives in me to create some Necron based Tinboyz…..kind of what might happen if a bad mek “got iz ‘andz” on some slumbering Necrons.  That one is probably best left on the backburner for now until I finally get around to painting my Mad Dok Grotsnik conversion to be done in the Silverman style.