Dark Riders

Dark Elves, Warhammer Fantasy

Dark Riders

I have recently added some light cavalry to the force for some mobility and firepower on the flanks.  I prefer lighter cavalry for the Dark Elves as it fits with my vision of their ambush oriented hit and run style tactics.


Dark Riders

The models are from Marauder miniatures, except for what I assume is a drow from the D&D range – he is a cool sculpt anyway.

Leading them we have a Lv 10. Witch-Helm riding a Cold One.




The force is shaping up nicely now.  A couple of more units and it will be a rounded out fighting force.




Next we need to add some of the infamous Dark Elf Repeating Crossbows to this lot….until next time.


Dark Elf Death Dealer on Doomsteed

Dark Elves, Warhammer Fantasy

Leading the Dark Elves to war we have this chap, a “Death Dealer”, a medium strength hero.


He is made from a Cold One Rider Champion, sculpted by Aly Morrison.  I have stuck him on an Empire horse body with metal Chaos Steed head.

With the same black, red, steel, gold scheme of the Dark Elf Warriors the army is going to look very tight on the table.



I am not using any highlights on the black, rather I am using a gloss acrylic on the black armour bits, a matt varnish on the horse.



The skin and red elements are shaded and highlighted as normal and the steel/gold elements are edge highlighted. The hair is just brightly painted and washed with crimson.


It’s important for this to be a quick effective paint job that I can repeat to get the army done quickly and also look pretty neat on the table.

Dark Elf Warriors Unit

Dark Elves, Fantasy, Warhammer Fantasy

Dark Elves!  Gotta love em.  Gotta love em so much I have decided to paint an army of them during this year.

Warhammer Armies 3e Entry for Dark Elf Warriors.

It is intended as a Dragon Rampant force with an eye to use in Warhammer related games.  Dragon Rampant units tend to be 12 models strong.  I have 20 of these guys which I would need for Warhammer, so I went with painting all of them at once, otherwise I would probably never come back to them.

Plastic Dark Elves Designed by Aly Morrison

I got some old plastic Dark Elf warriors from a buddy recently and couldn’t resist using them for the core of this force.  They are actually Aly Morrison sculpts.  They are chunky nuggets of fun.  I expect that this miniature is a Talisman prototype that somehow made it into production as the regiment in the box set above.


I ditched the stock shields immediately in favor of the classic Marauder miniatures shield – probably sculpted by Aly to increase the Alyness of this product to 11.  The rounded shape balances out the outrageously pointy shoulder pads.


20 Dark Elf Warriors

The colours are very restricted for me.  Just Black, silver, gold, red, with a few other colours for hair here and there.  This will keep the army looking tight, as I intend to mix in a fair mix of Dark Elf models, or other Elf models that I can shoehorn in there convincingly.

Tray has 3 extra spaces for characters and afford handling during play.

They get a movement tray, which is handy for storage and generally keeping them together both on my shelf defending against my many cats and during massed combat games.

The hex bases I love for these types of projects as they allow you to lock the bases in formation and still look good when standing alone in skirmish games.

The little leaves are from birch tree seeds.  They are lovely things to work with.  I have enhanced the colours simply by using red, green and brown washes on top of them.


The Temple of Painted Bizaza Masters

28mm, Bizaza, Frog People, Scenery, Slann, Warhammer Fantasy


I painted these using the master castings so the details are much more crisp than previous efforts.  They  are very straight forward to paint as they have very open stances.  I find painting the 2 handed weapons separately and attaching them later is a good idea.

I tend to use lots of shading and glazes on them.


I like the copper and leather basic equipment colours on these guys, they benefit with bright contrasting colours as spot colours.  I have used a jade green colour on the stones and jewellery tends to be gold.


The eyes are basically like cats eyes with a vertical black oblong.  Lots of purple and red washes work well around the yellow eyes to give them some warmth.



I knocked this thing together last week.  Basically layers of polystyrene and some foam card for the rails.  I created a stone face tile and made a siligum mould to pour plastic resin castings.img_2705



28mm, Old Worlder Mercenaries, Warhammer Fantasy

A mercenary cavalry patrol.  This company has it’s origins in Estalia.


The unit was made from the European Men at Arms plastics from the Perry Twins with some Citadel Empire Militia heads added in 2 cases.

Although this type of armour would not have included a shield, this being Warhammer we add one.  The shield is great for giving the unit some visual punch which is important for showy troops like knights.  I have left the barding off these knights as I expect that would be the first thing you would sell if you were a knight down on his luck.

Knights Front

Knights RearKnights in Wedge

Old Worlder Mercenaries – Handgunners

28mm, Fantasy, Old Worlder Mercenaries, Warhammer Fantasy

Gunners Front

These guys are made from Perry twins European Mercenaries plastic boxed set mixed in with 5 old Grenadier models, still available from Mirlton.

Gunners Elevation

Gunners Side

Gunners Rear

I went for an Ultramarines Blue and white (over Elf Gray) colour scheme as I wanted forgiving colours to paint that stand out on a green tabletop.  I have kept the colour scheme very tight as I wanted to blend miniature designs from 2 different sources.  As it turns out the 2 sources play very nicely together in terms of scale.  Both models have integrated bases so they both ended up standing at approximately the same levels as illustrated below.

Gunners in line formation

Southlander Dog of War

28mm, Fantasy, Warhammer Fantasy


A Perry Mounted Men at Arms combined with a Perry Mahdist Ansar head painted for the Fantasy 100 club on the Oldhammer forum.


I have been spending too long on painting recently so I set myself the challenge of painting this in one sitting to a good tabletop standard. Good way to test paint a figure when you are planning for an army I have found.


might do another 5 of these guys and add some kind of shield to them to Warhammer them up a little.  Historically shields were fairly old hat by the time armour of this style had developed as gunpowder weapons were a common thing by then.  Shields are a good way to bring some interesting animal print onto this model to reinforce the idea of him being a gent from the southlands of the Warhammer world.


BlackKnight4That’s all for now. 🙂


The Armour of the Moon

28mm, Sculpting, Slann, Space Slann, Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy

Back in March Axoim via the Oldhammer forum came up with the idea of running a challenge where people would paint a single model under a common theme and then the entire collection of figures would be awarded randomly to one of the participants.  The theme was basically a force of multi-racial lawful warriors sworn to seek out and destroy the forces of chaos.  The name for this warband, “The Dogs of Law”.

I duly volunteered to paint up a Slann for this, someone gotta represent for the frog people, can’t have the dry skins getting all the glory!

The simple approach would be to just paint up a suitable Slann model from my collection but being me I can’t just take a simple approach, ideas come and demand expression or they will just bounce around in my head irritatingly for years.  The idea which appealed to me the most was one rooted firmly in proper Warhammer cannon.


Antiriad is a corruption of Anti-Rad suit

The Slann of the Warhammer world are the remnants of a once mighty spacefaring species and so I wanted to create a character which gives a tip of the hat to all that jazz.  There were a couple of notable influences on this, Homer Simpson and the old computer game The Sacred Armour of Antiriad.

In rod we trust

In rod we trust

So that leads to this chap who is based off an old Eagle Warrior from 3rd Edition Warhammer:

Slann Power Suit Conversion

Slann Power Suit Conversion

Side and rear detail

Side and rear detail

“Moixa’remoh was once a humble servant of the Temple of the Moon at a time when the temple was set upon by raiders, devoted to the chaos god Tzeentch. During the course of the battle a great miscast of magical energies by the chaotic sorcerers directed at the temple had the curious effect of reactivating the warp reactor of an artefact of incalculable age.  As a high Slann artefact, it was much more than a mere machine.  The suit was symbiotic,  autonomous and intelligent and aware of the impending threat.  It reached out to the closest Slann mind, the mind of the servant Moixa’remoh who was drawn to it, and into it, bonding with the spirit of the suit.  A new prime operational directive was instated, enforce order, annihilate chaos…”

The Armour of the Moon

The Armour of the Moon

The colour choice for this one was to be more or less limited to olive and bone.  I wanted the suit to look ancient so I used a good deal of weathering on it with the exception of the mysterious glowing green weapons, the gold visor and the edge where the visor would have been clamped shut for aeons.

Rear details

Rear details

Right side

Right side

Left side

Left side



It is a space suit after all :)

It is a space suit after all 🙂

Now don’t forget who’s planet this is!

Demon Frogman Eagle Warrior

28mm, Fantasy, Frog Men, Sculpting, Slann, Warhammer Fantasy

No update in a while but fear not loyal reader for I have been relentlessly working on a sculpt for a Demon Frogman Eagle Warrior.  This is but the beginning my spawn-kin, when I get enough frogmen sculpted I will surely do a professional production run if you wish to get your hands on copies.  Rather than have a text heavy post I will point you to the discussion about this project in on the Oldhammer forum if you are interested.  I will paint up the prototype and post it up soon.

The (almost) finished green

The (almost) finished green

Quick and dirty prototype casting

Quick and dirty prototype casting

Size comparison

Size comparison

Right side view

Right side view

Left side view

Left side view


Rear right

Rear right

Rear left

Rear left