El Jefe

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El Jefe is the leader of my new Frostgrave warband.  He is a heavily converted Slann Animal handler model from Citadel.

El Jefe

Photo-0027 (2)

Photo-0030 (2)


Here is the actual warband…

Frostgrave Warband

Frostgrave Warband 2


Blue Halberdier

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Same halberdier with a different skin tone and eye colour.

Photo-0019 (2)

Photo-0020 (2)

They will rank up nicely in this pose.Photo-0023 (2)

Photo-0022 (2)


Croatyl the Halberdier

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Here are some pictures of a painted prototype home casting I made from the green for our currently running Bizaza Frog People Kickstarter.

Photo-0003 (3)


He is pretty shiny so I had to take pictures outdoors to get a decent image.



Photo-0012 (2)

I couldn’t resist mucking about. 🙂

Photo-0006 (2)


Heavy Halberdier – Bizaza Frog People Kickstarter

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Team Bizaza

Team Bizaza

Finished off the 4th sculpt for our Kickstarter currently running, Croatyl the Halberdier.



Because you need a big weapon if your neighborhood includes big lizards!

Croatyl the Halberdier

Croatyl the Halberdier


Croatyl - rear detail

Croatyl – rear detail


Of course he is getting an alternate weapon option… 😉



Bizaza Guard – Frog People Kickstarter

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We launched our Kickstarter today for the Bizaza, here is the link:



There are 6 models in total for the Kickstarter, but I hope to increase this with stretch goals to at least 7 with alternate weapons on 3 of the models.


Currently 3 are done with 3 to finish over the next week or 2.  This is what a set looks like:





Female Bizaza Strong Spawn with Double Handed Weapon

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Got this lady finished off enough to show you.

She is the 3rd of 6 models we have in the pipeline for our Kickstarter coming soon.

In the mean time you can check us out at Project Bizaza on Facebook:


Photo-0148 (2)





3 out of 6 done!

Bizaza Strong Spawn

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So I made these guys with the help of my missus, who made the weapons and many of the details, the talent of this woman is pretty obvious when you consider that these are the first pieces she has made.  There are another 4 WIP, but they are not ready for their close ups :).


Bizaza Strong Spawn

We will get these guys and their 4 buddies finished and run a quick funding campaign to get them made and sent out to interested parties.

I have set up a Facebook group to manage updates etc.  Please join us at:




Strong Spawn with Double Handed Axe


Strong Spawn with Double Handed Axe rear details


View of the shield face


Fish Slap