Battle Company WIP

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Battle Company infantry is starting to take shape. I have gotten into a flow with painting the marines now getting the bulk of the work completed on the assault and tactical detachments. They just need some armour highlights and detailing now really.

Battle Company

Battle Company – still minus 10 Rhinos!

Death to the False Emperor!

40K Epic Scale, 6mm

I recently had a wave of enthusiasm for NetEpic and had a go at painting some Heresy era Death Guard, it doesn’t take much to send me into a painting frenzy for epic scale 40k.  I always find epic models to be very rewarding projects to work on.  It’s a damn shame they have dropped support for this scale.  Luckily I have a decent horde of those old models so that I can now paint up several armies for it at my leisure.

So I decided on space marines and messed about with the Minotaur colour scheme which is basically copper coloured.  I didn’t like it and changed to a heresy era Death Guard colour scheme which I think is much brighter on the tabletop.

Death Guard Company HQ with Devastator Squad

Death Guard Company HQ with Devastator Squad

You want to be able to make out those details at this scale so a bright scheme is your friend in this regard.  The Death Guard being predominantly white fit the bright requirement nicely and I really like the burnished gold edging on the armour to boot.

Pre-Heresy Death Guard

Pre-Heresy Death Guard


The green colour I could take or leave and notably the original Death Guard scheme was red and white which looks kind of cool, but I painted them green anyways…for now.

The Death Guard in the days of Adeptus Titanicus and Space Marine wore red it seems