Rogue Trader Blood Axe Imperial Guard Standard Bearer

28mm, Humans, Orks, Warhammer 40K

Now this is definitely one of those bucket list models from the Rogue Trader background which I don’t recall ever seeing anyone create – prime real estate for me to plant my banner in then!

Not even Blood Axes would “knowingly” ally themselves with the Imperials. Blood Axes are happy to hire human mercenary groups however, so in order to infiltrate Ork space and stir up trouble amongst the Orks, Imperial units often pose as mercenaries.

The standard bearer is an important person in the squad as they essentially carry the advertisement for the mercenary bands services. In this case it has been topped with the heads of particularly ornery orks – the orks wouldn’t take them for serious mercenaries if they just had human heads on there, although Space Marine helmets are of course acceptable, being human nobz in the ork way of thinking. Space Marine helmets are not appropriate for our undercover Imperials, and chaos marine helmets would probably mean that the whole Imperial company would be executed for heresy (since it’s not generally seen as worth mind scrubbing and re-educating guardsmen).

Blood Axe Imperial Guard Squad – From Rogue Trader: ‘Ere We Go P.196

The colour scheme is essentially mundane light brown and grey, but I have opted for some bright yellow and purple to emphasise the sci-fi nature of this model. The stripe on the trousers gives them more of a dress uniform feel – I want it to feel like they have cobbled this mercenary uniform out of spares from the company quartermaster.

To follow up on this guy, I plan to paint the rest of the squad so I have a good Freebooter option to support my Blood Axe Boyz.

12 thoughts on “Rogue Trader Blood Axe Imperial Guard Standard Bearer

  1. I adore this. What a mini. The idea, the conversion, the painting.

    That’s a delicious niche unit choice you’ve uncovered there, I dearly hope to see them on the table at some point.

  2. This model and banner are amazing. Ere We Go was one of my most treasured possessions as a young teen and I read that book countless times while planning ork armies. Your paintjob on the banner and mini totally bring that sketch from the army list to life. Really fantastic work and thanks for sharing.

  3. I absolutely love everything about this chap. It perfectly follows the picture from ‘Ere We Go, it thoroughly ticks all my nostalgia boxes and is a super paintjob in its own right. Well done!

  4. Thank you for the kind comments Jon. It’s always very encouraging to me when I hit the right note with people :). It’s a pleasure to bring these ideas to form and find people appreciate them and get where they are coming from.

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