This is my corner of the Interweb for posting my more novel and interesting figure painting, conversion and sculpting projects with a strong emphasis on 80’s and early 90’s era figures.

I have been collecting painting and gaming since about 1990.  This was the year when I bought Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader which opened my mind up to a universe of gaming possibility.  I have been into Warhammer Fantasy Battle and 40k and other GW games for many years and through many editions amassing a large collection of what are now considered vintage models in my monte figureo.

I have done the competitive tournament thing many times with 40k and had in the last several years become extremely disillusioned with doing that sort of thing.  I have grown very tired indeed of the style of gaming exemplified by these tournaments.  At this stage I despair at the idea of picking optimal forces from lists and placing them opposite each other on a 6’x4′ gaming table covered in standard terrain and going at it with dice.  I feel I have come full circle back to the Games Master mediated style of gaming in the Rogue Trader style which drew me into this hobby in the first place.  To this end I now spend my energy working on projects to support this approach.

You will see many projects on this blog unfold over the coming years.  There are many projects which I always wanted to do which  never had the resources or time to work upon until recently.  These projects tend to be the rarer and more characterful things from the era.  You can expect to see things such as a Slann warband, Genestealer Chaos Cult, Ork Freebooterz, Rogue Trader entourages, Classic Imperial Guard, Jokero family groups and so on in these pages in due time.

There are many other people out there doing similar things in their blogs and I heartily enjoy viewing their work, I hope that they also enjoy my contribution to this growing scene.



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